Adverse Weather Pay


College offices closed all or portion of workday.


Employees will be paid as follows:

    1. If the college is closed:
      1. Before normal workday begins, employees will be paid for their regular time.
        • Full-time Regular Employees: Paid for their regular time
        • Part-time Regular Employees: If a normally scheduled workday, paid for their regularly scheduled workday
        • Part-time Temporary Employees: not eligible
      2. For employees whose jobs require them to be at Delta (i.e., payroll, public safety, broadcasting), the time worked will be compensated as regular time and not as overtime. Overtime requires prior approval by the appropriate Executive Staff person.
      3. Until a specific hour, employees will be paid for that period closed (if they were scheduled to work during that period) and if they report to work at the time the college is scheduled to reopen.
      4. Under b and c above (closing occurs during the day), if an employee has not been at work, she/he are to use personal leave or vacation to charge against that absence and get full credit for the day.
      5. Approved vacation or sick leave that occurs on an official school closing will be charged as official closing.
    2. If classes are cancelled and college offices are open, employees are expected to be at their positions at their regular scheduled time or have the option of making up that time with supervisor approval, or have it deducted from their leave time.

Adverse Weather Policy and Human Resources

Full/part-time administrative professional and support staff

Revision/review dates
8/12, 7/17, 7/18