Honors Program

The Honors Program offers challenging learning opportunities for highly motivated, academically skilled Delta College students. Through coursework, independent study, community service and other activities, this program offers our students more discussion and critical thinking and less lecturing and memorization. It's a win for both the student and the instructor!

Become certified to teach an Honors course

Are you interested in teaching for the Honors Program? Follow these steps:

Step 1
Complete Honors Faculty Interest Form (PDF)

Step 2
Get paired up with current Honors Faculty Mentor or Honors Advisory Committee (HAC) member.

Step 3
Schedule Honors Faculty Chat at next HAC Meeting, per mentor's recommendation. 

Step 4
Complete New Honors Course Proposal Form (PDF), per Honors Advisory Committee (HAC)'s recommendation. 

Step 5
Schedule New Honors Course Presentation at next HAC Meeting. 

Step 6
Become certified to teach Honors Courses, per HAC's approval. 

Offer Honors options

If you have a project that would be a great Honors Option for our students, let us know honors@delta.edu.

Recommend a student

There are tons of benefits to becoming an Honors student.

Honors students are actively more involved in the learning process and able to form close relationships with instructors who may become lifelong mentors. They are part of a community of like-minded students who enjoy learning.

​Why should students apply to the Honors Program?

The Honors Program isn't more work, but an opportunity to do work that is more engaging, challenging and rewarding. Our flexible program allows students to take as few or as many Honors courses as they'd like to fit in their program and interests. Honors credits earned are posted to the student's transcript.

Active Honors students can qualify for priority registration, receive academic awards, apply for Honors scholarships and participate in volunteer activities and leadership opportunities.

Student eligibility

To be eligible for the Honors Program, students must meet one or more of the following:

    • Accuplacer Writing Skills score of 256
    • SAT Composite score of 1200 or higher
    • High School GPA of 3.5 or higher
    • Completed twelve Delta College credits with a GPA of 3.2 or higher

Recommend a student to honors@delta.edu.

Professional memberships

The Michigan Honors Association (MHA) welcomes honors colleges and programs from two-year and four-year institutions across the state to network, collaborate, and provide students with a dynamic leadership development experience at the Annual Leadership Conference. Each October, MHA hosts the annual conference at the MacMullin Conference Center in Roscommon.

Students engage in well-crafted seminars, interact with Honors students from other institutions, and return to their home campuses with new skills and the confidence to make meaningful contributions. The spirit of collaboration and sharing shapes the event.

Social activities for students, including a night hike and roasting marshmallows around the campfire, allow students to interact and relax. The Director’s Meeting is an opportunity for faculty and staff to collaborate.


The Mid-East Honors Association (MEHA) is a regional affiliate of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) and represents a professional organization comprised of faculty, administrators and students dedicated to the promotion and advancement of undergraduate honors education within the region.

MEHA represents honors programs in universities and colleges across the Mid-East Region through an annual conference, regular newsletters and email communication, as well as two business meetings, one held in the spring at the annual conference and one held at the NCHC annual conference.

Through sharing information about honors programs and best honors practices region-wide, MEHA hopes to create an intellectual, programmatic and administrative network of resources aimed at helping the region's honors programs grow and thrive.

Learn more about the Mid-East Honors Association

The National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) supports and enhances the community of educational institutions, professionals and students who participate in collegiate honors education around the world.

Learn more about the National Collegiate Honors Council