There are many ways employees can donate to Delta College. The Foundation asks employees to donate through a special campaign each year. However, employees can contribute throughout the year.

The Delta College Foundation accepts donations in the following ways:

    • Payroll deduction
      Allows your contributions to be withdrawn directly from your paycheck. Use the payroll deduction form (PDF).
    • Check
      Send it to the Foundation Office.
    • Credit card
      Contact the Foundation Office, or stop by, with your card number.
    • Online giving form
      The online giving form can be used for convenience and will also allow for credit card contributions. 

Employees can direct their contributions to specific projects, programs or services of the college. 

Non-monetary donations

The college accepts non-monetary or material contributions (i.e. equipment, materials, supplies and/or services) from companies and individuals. These contributions can help to ensure the success of a student's educational experience.

Non-monetary gifts need to be approved in advance and documented for tax purposes. The non-monetary donation form must be initiated immediately.  If an external company or individual contacts you to ask if the college would be interested in accepting a donation of equipment or materials, begin by completing the form, before answering. Follow the steps indicated on the form, which are designed to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations and protect the donor and the college's interests.

For more information, contact us at or 989-686-9224.