Departmental Catering

Dining Services offers a wide range of  services and menu options for your events. Whether your function is a breakfast for ten people or a dinner for one hundred, we will provide delicious food with exceptional customer service. 

Place an order

Minimum guest count is 10. Orders must be received at least five (5) business days in advance. Special menu requests outside of the items below and guest count of over 50 requires advance notice of at least 14 BUSINESS days. Please place order by emailing Include guest count, items requested, room number, date, event start time, event end time and full cost center in ten-digit format (xx-xxxx-xxxx). Please note the object code (the last four numbers of the full cost center) for food is 2420. An order confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours of placing order. All departmental catering pricing includes delivery, setup with disposable-ware and buffet clean up.

The host or individual that authorizes a catering order is responsible for the equipment that Dining Services has provided for the catered event. If any equipment is lost, damaged or removed from the site, a replacement cost will be applied to your bill.

The Dining Department does not assume liability for adverse reactions to food consumed, or items one may come into contact with while eating on-site. For the health and safety of our customers, we do not package leftover food for our clients, nor will to-go containers be provided. All leftover food will be taken by dining staff and disposed of appropriately.


Starters and snacks

Popcorn or Pretzels, $1.00 per person
Fried Fresh Tortilla chips w/fresh pico and guac, $2.00 per person 
Chex mix with M&M’s, $1.50 per person
Cheese and cracker tray, $2.75 per person
Fresh fruit tray w/dip$2.25 per person
Fresh vegetable tray w/dip$2.00 per person
Assortment of cold pinwheels, $2.75 per person
Individual bag chips or snack bars$1.35 per person

Lunch buffets

All buffets come with fresh fruit tray, dessert, iced water, and choice of lemonade or tea.

Sammie Bar, $11.00 per person. Includes build your own sandwich bar w/an assortment of breads, meat, and toppings, and individual bags of chips.

Wraps, $11.00 per person, Includes assortment of wraps cut in half (chicken caesar, turkey BLT, BBQ crispy chicken, and falafel) and ranch pretzels.

Soup and Salad, $12.00 per person. Includes Chef's choice of soup, build your own salad bar w/an assortment of salad toppings, and rolls.  Optional:  Add choice of hot sliced chicken or quinoa mushroom for $2.00 per person. 

Nacho Fiesta, $12.00 per person. Includes build your own nacho bar w/an assortment of nacho toppings.  

Thai Bowls, $13.00 per person.  Includes rice noodles, quinoa/rice, diced chicken, chickpeas, fresh toppings and sauces.

Baked Potato or Mashed Potato Bar, $14.00 per person.  Includes build your own potato bar w/an assortment of potato toppings featuring chili, steamed broccoli, cheese sauce, gravy, and traditional favorites, and garden salad.  

Little Italy, $14.00 per person. Includes pasta w/choice of two sauces (marinara, pesto cream, or alfredo), hot vegetable, garlic bread, and Caesar salad.  Optional:  Add choice of hot sliced chicken or meatballs for $2.00 per person.

Mac and Cheese Mixer, $14.00 per person. Includes build your own mac & cheese bar w/an assortment of toppings, and garden salad.  Optional:  Add choice of hot sliced crispy or grilled chicken or vegan for $2.00 per person, or pulled pork for $2.50 per person.

Delta Picnic, $15.00 per person. Includes hamburgers and hot dogs w/condiments, baked beans, kettle chips & onion dip, and potato salad. 

Country BBQ$16.00 per person.  Includes pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches, baked beans, kettle chips & onion dip,  and cole slaw. 


Cookie assortment, $1.50 per person
Rice crispy bars, $1.00 per person
Dessert bars, $2.00 per person
Cheesecake bite assortment, $3.00 per person
Cupcake assortment, $2.00 per person
1/4 sheet cake – chocolate, vanilla or marble, $60.00 
1/2 sheet cake – chocolate, vanilla or marble, $80.00 


Donut holes, $1.25 per person
Bagel bites and cream cheese, $1.25 per person
Breakfast pastries, $1.75 per person
Fruit salad, $1.75 per person

Healthy Start yogurt bar, $5.25 per person. Includes build your own yogurt parfait with an assortment of toppings and juice.

Breakfast sandwich buffet, $7.25 per person. Includes egg with meat sandwich, fuit salad, and juice.

Delta breakfast, $10.50 per person.  Includes scrambled eggs, pork link, hashbrown, toast, and juice.

Pizza, Salads, and Pre-Packaged Lunch

Garden salad, $2.00 per person
Chef salad, $3.00 per person

Cheese pizza – 8 slices, $13.00 each 
Pepperoni pizza – 8 slices, $13.50 each
2-Topping pizza – 8 slices, $14.50 each
Vegetarian pizza – 8 slices, $15.50 each
Meat lover’s pizza – 8 slices, $16.50 each
Supreme pizza – 8 slices, $16.50 each

Sack lunch, $6.00 each.  Includes sandwich, bag of chips, apple, cookie, and bottled water.

Premium Box Lunch, $12.00 each.  Includes an assortment of sandwiches (ham & cheese, turkey, Italian, Vegan, and gluten free), pickle, fruit salad, bag of chips, cookie, and bottled water or can of soda.  Optional:  Add a side salad for $2.00 per person.


Bottle Aquafina 20 oz., $1.95 each
Canned soda assortment, $1.45 each
Canned sparkling assortment, $1.25 each
Orange or apple juice, $6.00 per gallon
Punch, lemonade or iced tea, $8.00 per gallon
Coffee service (includes unlimited for one (1) hour, regular, decaf, and hot tea), $2.75 per person 

Supply products


White 90”x156” tablecloth (covers 8’ table to the floor), $7.50 each
White 50”x120” tablecloth (covers top of 8’ table, legs exposed), $2.50 each
White 120” round tablecloth (covers high top table & 60” round guest table), $9.50 each
White, black or dark green napkin, $0.25 each