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Fast Start™ for Employers

When your business needs to hire skilled workers fast, you can count on our help. The Delta College Fast Start™ training programs are powerful, unique partnerships between your business, Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! and Delta College. They provide employers with a pool of potential employees who are already trained and ready to power the local economy.

Partnering for success

These programs are a partnership between Delta College, Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! and regional businesses. In the clip below, employers and Fast Start™ graduates discuss the benefits of these programs.

How it works

Your business identifies the job position, number of candidates and required skill set. We will then work directly with you to determine if a Fast Start™ training program is a good fit. These training programs are only offered when a business is hiring and are designed to run from two to 13 weeks. 

Benefits of Fast Start

  • No cost to the business
  • Customized training quickly generates a skilled workforce
  • Some Fast Start™ programs earn academic credit


Adults seeking to earn a Fast Start™ career credential and wish to register for a training program can visit to see the schedule for upcoming sessions. Here you will find details on all of Delta College’s career credential programs and how you can accelerate your pace toward employment and a future degree.

Delta College Fast Start™ job training program is an industry recognized career credential, is not for credit, and designed to upskill the adult and working student for employment in high wage/high demand jobs. Participants do not need to be Delta College students to take a Fast Start™ training program.

All Fast Start™ programs curriculum and lab experience is designed specifically for the job role and skill needs, ensuring the completers will hit the ground running on day one of the job. 

Employers who participate in the Fast Start™ partnership with Delta College and Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! commit to promoting the program and encouraging enrollment in job training. Employers do not guarantee employment of the completers, but do guarantee a job interview. With hiring placement rates of over 85%, it is no wonder Fast Start™ is an award winning program. 
Employers can direct potential employees to upskill before hiring and encourage them to register for Fast Start™ training programs.

Contact to discover how Delta College and Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! can help you get involved in a current Fast Start™ program or create a new one specifically for the expanding roles at your business. 

"The Fast Start™ programs are helping us connect talent to the skills that are required to meet the needs in the current labor market."

Kristen Wenzel
Interim Chief Executive Officer
Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works!