Study Abroad

Make the world your classroom! Delta's study abroad opportunities are open to all students who want to increase their cultural understanding and gain global perspective in their major or program.

Students choose to study abroad for a variety of reasons — some are purely interested in travel, while others want to live in another country, improve a foreign language or delve into a specific topic related to their majors. Whatever your reason, Delta can help you find the best cultural fit for you and your interests.  

Upcoming group trips 

Encountering Japan - May 2025

IHU/SSI 268: A 3-credit study-travel course:

  • 11-day immersion-learning experience in Japan
  • Introduction to the culture, religion and history prior to travel, as well as learning Japanese survival phrases
  • Explore shrines, temples, markets and gardens in Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara, visit the Peace Park in Hiroshima, a day trip to Miyajima
  • Time to explore on your own integrated into the travel course

Nuts and bolts of this course:

  • Cost estimated at $6,000, with fundraising and scholarship opportunities planned to help offset costs
  • 3-credit class, earned as either Humanities (IHU) or Social Science (SSI)
  • Final multi-media project and presentation representing cultural learning and reflection a solid and firm course requirement

For more information, reach out to Trip Leaders or Jay Vanhouten at

You have options 

When it comes to shaping your study abroad experience, the possibilities are endless! Travel for a semester, summer, year or just a few weeks, or enroll in a college for a semester or do humanitarian work. You can join one of Delta's group trips or use of one of the college's partners in the College Consortium for International Studies to join a different U.S. group's trip. 

Benefits of studying abroad

    • Increase your understanding of other cultures and diversity in the world.
    • Develop a global resume.
    • Experience the increasing interdependence of the U.S. and other countries.
    • Sharpen interpersonal and communication skills through interacting with people from different backgrounds.
    • Improve your ability to use a foreign language.
    • Enhance your sense of independence and self confidence.
    • Expand your career choices.


    • Earn at least 12 credit hours at Delta College prior to the trip start date.
    • Earn a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA for courses completed at Delta College prior to the trip start date.
    • Applicants must apply for financial aid to be eligible. Financial aid eligibility determined through Delta’s Financial Aid Office (D101) Scholarship funds will only apply toward travel expenses, not tuition.

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