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"Studying history at Delta was significant for me because it put everything else I was learning into context. Every subject, from the sciences to the arts, has a historical component, and without understanding that it's nearly impossible to meaningfully contribute to any discipline. That's why I decided to include a History minor in my post-Delta education. I want to make an impact in my chosen field, and that requires being aware of how it's reached its present state. Nothing can be where it is without being where it's been." --Inney Prakash, Delta Class of 2015

A student who successfully completes a history course at Delta College should emerge from that class with increased cultural literacy, critical thinking skills, increased effectiveness in reading and writing, an enhanced sense of citizenship, and stronger study strategies. A history course helps a student understand who they are and the world in which they live.

An undergraduate degree in historical studies provides key skills necessary for today’s careers. The History Department at Delta College offers an excellent selection of courses to prepare you for transfer to a baccalaureate degree program in history. The Delta History Major Pathway reflects an analysis of the core requirements for history majors at many of the surrounding universities. (12-14 credits) Enroll yourself as a Delta History major by emailing us at:

Our history professors will help you navigate the path towards transfer to a four-year degree in history. A baccalaureate degree in history positions you for many careers, including: historian, history teacher, journalist, foreign service work, publisher, researcher, archivist, lawyer, lobbyist, and politician. *Some positions require graduate degrees.

​U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sample data


Median Pay

Job Growth Through 2022


$52, 480 per year

6%   (200 more jobs)


$44,410 per year

11% (3,300 more jobs)

High School Teacher

$55,050 per year

6%   (52,900 more jobs)


30 Reasons It's Smart to Hire a History Major

This blog written by a History/Communications double major, Shauna, provides a nice student introspective on the translatable skills of a history major.

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