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Cleaning Protocols & Personal Hygiene
Social distancing sticker on floor
Sanitizing station
Social distancing sign in common area

Delta is working diligently to provide all students and campus visitors a safe and healthy environment. New practices include hand sanitizing stations, social distancing signs and vigorous cleaning routines. 

Cleaning & Safety Tools

A crucial aspect of Delta’s reopening plan is reducing the risk and exposure of COVID-19 by adding new safety protocols and reminding the campus community about the importance of good personal hygiene. Delta’s Response Team has implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting practices and added new tools throughout the college.


  • Plexiglass barriers have been constructed that allow employees to assist students.
  • Hallways have social distancing reminder stickers on the floor and signage in seating areas.
  • Classrooms have capacity signage and reminders for social distancing, masks, personal hygiene, etc. 
  • Capacities of classrooms have been reduced to allow for social distancing.
  • Mask reminder signage has been placed on entrance doors.
  • Dozens of touchless hand sanitizing dispensers are located throughout campus. 
  • Classrooms will have touchless hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes and gloves available.
  • Electrostatic sprayers for spraying disinfectant in classrooms will allow custodial staff to distribute disinfectant at a rapid rate and provides total coverage to an area.
  • Some stalls and sinks in restrooms have been disabled to allow for social distancing.
  • Water fountains are disabled, however, the bottle fillers are still active.
  • Classrooms, common areas and restrooms will be cleaned at least once per day by custodians. 
  • Office spaces will have disinfectant cleaning materials for employee use only with instructions for proper cleaning and safety.  

Personal Hygiene 

Students, faculty, staff member and guests are expected to maintain good personal hygiene. Individuals should not come to campus if they are sick. Remember to wash and sanitize your hands properly, avoid close contact and wear a face mask or covering. The CDC outlines more ways to protect yourself.

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to regularly wipe down their personal work areas and frequently touched items.

Students are asked to wipe down and sanitize their areas before and after use.