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Have You Met Duck?

May 23, 2024

Delta College student posing with Duck mascot cutout

Delta College’s new Ambassador of Enthusiasm, Duck, sprung to life after a year-long process to create a mascot.

Duck was revealed to students, faculty and staff at the beginning of winter semester to raved reviews.

“I like that it fits our surrounding mascots’ bird theme (Cardinals, Loons, Hawks, etc.),” says Autumn Villalta, Northwood 3+1 student. “Anyone with minor knowledge of Mid Michigan's ecosystem knows how important waterfowl are to it, which complements the dedication Delta has to our surrounding environment.”

You may have seen Duck on campus or on billboards recently displayed around the Great Lakes Bay Region. But, if you haven’t already… meet Duck. That's right. The name is Duck.


Delta College Ambassador of Enthusiasm. Some would say that sounds a lot like a mascot, but trust us, Duck is so much more.


Redefine the concept of enthusiasm for a new generation. Embody encouragement through the power of school spirit, savvy and smarts. Duck goes well beyond cheering for Delta’s teams, to rooting for each and every Delta student to succeed. In fact, Duck represents a rallying point to unite the entire Delta community. 

Favorite color

Green, obviously!


Delta College. These questions are too easy!




No one knows for sure. Some say Duck is from Bay City. Others claim Duck hails from the Shiawassee Wildlife Refuge. One guy swears Duck lives on Sanford Lake and was on Dow High's swim team in the early 2000s, and, truth be told, wasn't that fast.

All Duck will say is that Delta feels like home.

Taxonomic family

Anatidae (Nod to Delta's biology professors). But really — no relation to Donald, Daffy, Anaheim, Howard the, or that other college duck in Oregon. Our Duck is an unquestioned one-of-a-kind with a persona that's brainy, quirky and engaging.

Superpowers — Duck’s a flier!
  • Funny
  • Loyal
  • Inspiring
  • Energetic, yet chill
  • Relentlessly cheerful

Delta College Bookstore sign says Duck gear and cardboard cutout of Duck mascot

First appearance

Hard to say. If you take a deep dive into the Delta College photo archive, you'll find early photos of ducks on the courtyard pond. Was that THE duck? Our Duck? That's one for the facial recognition experts. Whatever the outcome, Duck is a true Pioneer if ever there was one.

Fun fact

Enjoys sushi and 80s power ballads.

Our challenge to you

We’re all ducks in this pond. Channel your inner Duck and join the flock. Show your school spirit by donning new Duck gear available online or in the Delta College Bookstore on main campus.