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Delta Wins Padrón Award

January 19, 2024

Delta College has been awarded Campus Compact’s Eduardo J. Padrón Award for Institutional Transformation. The award recognizes community colleges that have successfully implemented institution-wide efforts by aligning teaching, research, practice and values in service of the common good. 

“A pillar of Delta College's transformation is a belief that we are part of a local, state, and national ecosystem,” said President Mike Gavin. “Delta College has a strong commitment to raising up the economic environment of citizens in order to impact the community and the region. Addressing the issues faced by many, including underserved populations, we have the ability to raise students and families up in their financial standing. It also leads to an environment were all citizens can become more involved in their community and its political structures.” 

Delta College is recognized for its long and deep commitment to civic and community engagement. Its mission to empower communities has been further bolstered by President Michael Gavin, who is working to embed community-engaged approaches holistically across the college through innovative partnerships. Under Gavin’s leadership, Delta College has emerged as a national leader in the field of higher education civic and community engagement through the founding and stewardship of the group Education for All, a discussion group for presidents, chancellors, and association leaders who are committed to improving our communities.

“Delta College stands out as an outstanding model of civic and community engagement and very deserving of this recognition,” said Eduardo J. Padrón, president emeritus of Miami Dade College.

The Eduardo J. Padrón Award for Institutional Transformation is presented as part of Campus Compact's Impact Awards, which recognize the outstanding work of individuals and institutions in pursuit of the goal of full participation in our communities and our democracy. Nationally, only one community college is selected for this recognition each year.

 “We are proud to celebrate the individuals and institutions that work hard every day to make our communities healthier, happier, and more resilient,” said Campus Compact President Bobbie Laur.

The recipients of these awards will be recognized at Compact24, Campus Compact’s annual conference, which will be held in April in Denver, Colorado.

Campus Compact is a national coalition of colleges and universities committed to supporting institutions in fulfilling their public purposes by deepening their ability to improve community life and to educate students for civic and social responsibility.