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Delta College program spotlight: Chemical Process Technology

March 7, 2024

Three students, two female-presenting and one male-presenting, work together in Delta's chemical processing lab

Delta College is well-known for its hands-on approach to learning and its focus on student equity and success. Its Chemical Process Technology program is no exception!

“Delta really cares about the students that go here and wants to make sure they continue on. They want to make sure everybody feels involved in their education,” says Allison Webster, a chemical processing student.

What does a chemical process technician do?

Chemical processing technicians are trained to perform a variety of procedures and work collaboratively to craft solutions to complex problems. They operate equipment to control chemical reactions in the processing of industrial or consumer products. They also conduct chemical and physical laboratory tests to assist scientists in making qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Why are chemical process technicians important?

Well-trained chemical processing technicians are needed to keep environments and communities safe from harm. “[Chemical processing] industries typically work with very hazardous chemicals. It’s critical that the people running these plants understand what they’re doing,” says Brian Pankow, an instructor in Delta’s chemical processing program. “Developing a strong educational foundation through hands-on learning and lab-based scenario training helps to keep communities secure.”

Why choose Delta?

Chemical Process Technology student and instructor working together in Delta's labDelta’s Chemical Process Technology program has been approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Its classes are led by instructors who have worked or currently work in the industry, sharing invaluable knowledge with their students. The classes are designed for hands-on, lab-based scenario training followed by real-world exposure at local plants, such as Dow.

“The hands-on simulation training is critical to feeling prepared when you finally work in the field. I think that is something Delta does well to help their students be successful,” says Calvin Kerr, a student in Delta’s chemical processing program. “Even the prerequisite classes, like chemistry and physics, have a hands-on element. Those are challenging classes. Having supportive professors, who convey the material in ways you’ll understand, has been key. My whole experience has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Learn more

Check out this chemical processing program video with interviews of Allison Webster, Brian Pankow, Calvin Kerr and others in Delta’s program, or visit Delta’s Chemical Process Technology webpage.