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Volleyball Returns

July 7, 2022

Delta College Pioneer Athletics is excited to announce the return of women’s volleyball as a varsity sport. The long-anticipated wait is officially over as Pioneer Volleyball will hold their first season of competition in the Fall of 2022.

Pioneer Athletics would like to thank the NJCAA Foundation for awarding pioneer athletics $2,000 via the NJCAA Sport Opportunity Grant to aid in the addition of women’s volleyball.

“The NJCAA Foundation is excited to further support the growth of NJCAA member colleges and the sport programs they offer through the newly created NJCAA Sport Opportunity Grant,” said Brian Luckett, NJCAA Foundation Executive Director. “The ability to provide this funding for the first time ever is a testament to the importance and growth of two-year collegiate athletics. The NJCAA Foundation looks forward to this initiative’s impact as NJCAA member colleges continue to create opportunities for student-athletes across the country.”

Dionne McCollum, Director of Athletics, was asked the significance of adding volleyball as a sport at Delta College. “The addition of volleyball has been a three-and-a-half-year process. I take pride in providing opportunities for student-athletes to use sports as a tool to reach academic and athletic goals.”

“When I applied for the NJCAA Sport Opportunity Grant I found the opportunity to be a sign that adding the sport was truly meant to be. It shows that the NJCAA supports its organization schools and the dreams to build successful thriving programs. We are honored to be a recipient of this grant.”

Pioneer Athletics has adopted the motto “JUCO Tough”! This simple statement expresses the importance of two-year college athletics, the positive impact the NJCAA has on student-athletes, while providing reassurance that student-athletes are not only smart enough and talented enough to play at higher level but rather choose to make the NJCAA your home.

Delta College continues to provide career opportunities and support through the athletic programs.

“Athletics is a safe space for student-athletes,” McCollum added. “Pioneer Athletics will continue to use athletics to build not only championship caliber teams but also nurses, electricians, business owners, IT professions and future leaders. We hope the impact that we leave on their lives will be one that they can carry with them forever as proud two-year college products, just as I have.”

Pioneer Volleyball will take the court in the Fall of 2022 as their first season back in over ten years.