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Green Fridays

May 6, 2019

Green Fridays is an annual Delta College summer initiative to reduce our campus carbon footprint by keeping energy and the emission of pollutants to their lowest possible levels, without decreasing the level of education and services provided.

Delta College will be closed on Fridays from May 13 through July 26 and will have extended hours Monday through Thursday to continue the same level of service to students. 

Delta piloted Green Fridays in 2008 as a green campus initiative to save electricity, water consumption and other resources after conducting an extensive inventory to determine our carbon footprint – a measure of the amount of greenhouse gases produced by burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation. In addition to utilities consumption, a major factor for this initiative is the emissions resulting from regular commutes to and from the institution by students and employees. 

There will be some areas that will remain open for business on Fridays. Those include the Fitness and Recreation Center and the Delta College Planetarium in Bay City. 

If you’d like to learn more about Delta’s Sustainability program and how you can help make a difference, visit If you have questions, please contact or 989-686-9209.