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Math Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians

The Math Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians program will help you master the mathematical calculations necessary to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician and calculate drug dosages safely and accurately. Patient safety depends on the ability of healthcare professionals, especially those responsible for distribution of medication, to calculate medication dosages and doses. This program covers everything from basic math skills to reading and interpreting labels and physicians’ orders, as well as introducing key calculation and conversion concepts. Other vital topics include conversions between the various measurement systems, reconstituting liquid medications, and calculating medications based on a patient’s age or body weight. You will learn calculation skills and competencies needed by pharmacy technicians through step-by-step examples and proven ways to make it easy to learn and remember how to do equations using formulas. 

As a Pharmacy Technician, you must learn this skill early in your studies and use it continuously throughout your career. This program is intended to provide the basic – and not so basic – mathematical concepts that are applied to pharmacy. You will be provided with the knowledge you need to preform calculations for dispensing or administering medications in ambulatory care and inpatient arenas as well as basic accounting procedures used in retail and some hospital pharmacies. Traditional methods of calculation as well as other unique ways of obtaining correct calculations will be taught. 

Successful completion of this program waives the Math prerequisite to the Pharmacy Technician CHG-3001 program.


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Course Number: CHG-3005

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