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Honors Program

Nursing Scholars Program

The Nursing Scholars Program offers students the opportunity to "fast track" into clinicals.  For students in the part-time program, there are eight "fast track" slots and for students in the full-time program there are 12 slots. 

Students can earn points toward attaining one of these slots by the following means:

Taking one Honors course or doing an Honors Option in one non-Honors course earns 2 points
Taking two Honors courses or doing an Honors Option in two non-Honors courses earns 4 points
A maximum of 4 points can be earned
Just being admitted into the Honors Program does not earn points

Additionally, points are earned by:

Overall GPA
Number of Delta credits
A grade of "B" or higher in A&P courses
Work experience

See the nursing discipline website for more information.




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