Study Abroad

Study abroad experiences can be life changing. This is because living in another social and cultural context causes the participants to see the world through the eyes of others. From an academic perspective, such experiences are important because it increases the students’ capacity to deal with cognitive diversity and enhances critical thinking.

Plan a trip

When you are planning a trip the Study Abroad  Trip Proposal Packet must be submitted for all proposals. Both the proposal and the verifying documentation are important for educational quality. They are also necessary for liability insurance coverage.

For travel study review and approval, submit this information to the Manager of Study Abroad at or by interoffice mail to D102 Attn: Manager of Study Abroad.

Once submitted, the proposal will be reviewed for completion. Once complete, a meeting of the Study Abroad Committee will be scheduled. You will be required to present your proposal, answer questions and address any concerns the committee may have. If the committee does not ask the trip leaders to do additional work to the proposal, members will vote whether or not to forward the proposal for travel approval. If the trip is approved, you may move forward with advertising the trip and collecting money from trip participants.


Documents that must be submitted to the Study Abroad Office at least two weeks prior to travel include:


Within one week of the completion of the trip, submit the following to the Manager of Study Abroad: