Conflict Resolution / Grievance Procedure

The Conflict Resolution / Grievance Procedure is intended for real disputes that can be adjusted through specific action by the College. Disagreements between staff members that are of a personal nature should be resolved in a different forum.

Note: Grievant should be aware that in cases involving possible discrimination, they also have access to the Grievance Procedure for Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity.
Grievant may file under either policy but not both. If a grievance involves possible discrimination, staff members are advised to consult with the Delta Equity Officer, or the Director of Human Resources in deciding which procedure to use.


Any grievance a staff member or group of staff members (hereafter called the grievant) may have in relations to workload, compensation, promotion procedure, and other working conditions at the College or arising from an application or interpretation of the AP/SS handbook, will be adjusted as stated in this procedure. Unlawful discrimination with regard to any of these examples or others would be grievable under this procedure. Any adjustment must be consistent with the policies of the AP/SS handbook.

Staff members are encouraged to speak to the appropriate supervisor, Director of Human Resources or Equity Officer regarding any grievance they may have in regard to their treatment or conditions of work over which the administration might be expected to have some control.

    1. Informal Grievance Procedures
      The staff member should first discuss the concern with the immediate supervisor. If, for any reason, this proves unsatisfactory or inadequate, the staff member may take the complaint to the director of their department. If these avenues leave the staff member still feeling s/he has justifiable cause for compliant, the staff member may institute a formal written request for further review of the issue.
    2. Formal Grievance Procedures
      1. The staff member will submit the complaint and request for review in writing to the Director of Human Resources within fourteen (14) calendar days after occurrence or circumstances on which said grievance is based. The grievance filed will enumerate the occurrence in dispute and will suggest a remedy.
      2. Within ten (10) working days, the Director of Human Resources will hold a meeting with the immediate supervisor and department director.
      3. Within ten (10) working days of this meeting, the staff member will be given a written disposition of the case by the Director of Human Resources including the rationale for the decision.
      4. If the staff member is not satisfied with the decision made by the Director of Human Resources, or if no decision is communicated within ten (10) working days after the meeting held under Step b, the staff member may, within ten (10) working days, request the Human Resources Office, in writing, to schedule a similar meeting with the President of Delta College.
      5. The President or a representative designated by the College President will hold the meeting no later than ten (10) working days following receipt of such a meeting. The decision by the President will be made in writing and will be final and binding on the parties within the College.
      6. Failure of the grievant to proceed to the next step of the procedure within the specified number of days will be construed as acceptance of the resolution at the step of the procedure.
      7. Time limits provided in this procedure may be extended by mutual agreement in writing.