Delta Mentor Collective

Mentor Collective logoThe new Delta Mentor Collective mentoring program, offered in partnership with Mentor Collective, was established to support students’ needs as they complete workforce programs that lead to life-sustaining wages or transfer as juniors or seniors, with zero equity gaps. This mentoring program focus is providing opportunities to build student connection and belonging.

Program objectives

    • Increase student awareness of resources and how students can access those resources. Being a resource hub for students.
    • Strengthen and expand peer-mentoring to meet the ever changing and growing needs of Delta College students.
    • Provide a safe space for students to feel heard and supported throughout their educational journey.
    • Support and encourage students to engage socially while maintaining good academic status.
    • Encourage leadership development amongst mentors.
    • Improve sense of belonging into the student’s selected program of study.
    • Provides networking opportunities to support student’s long-term persistence, retention and overall completion to obtain a career.  

Become a mentor

Develop leadership skills and expand your network by becoming a mentor.

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Connect with current students who share similar interests such as program of study, life experiences or aspirations. Communicate with your mentee in ways that work best for both of you. This could be through video chat, texting, meeting for coffee or a combination. Common topics for discussion include:

    • Family, school, work life balance
    • Career
    • Academic success
    • Personal growth

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