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Guest Speakers & Special Events

Bringing notable speakers to campus is important. It gives our students new perspectives and ideas beyond Delta's campus. It broadens their minds and brings fresh ideas about the world. 

Lou Kasischke

From the President's Speaker Series to special events for MLK Day and many more, we bring you perspectives beyond the everyday to enrich your life and bring more knowledge, and understanding, of the world around us. 

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This year, the President's Speaker Series is in its 18th year.


Delta brings current and world issues to the forefront through special speakers and events.


In recent years, Delta has hosted more than a dozen nationally recognized speakers.


"I saw an opportunity for our students to grow and learn beyond what the classroom provided. If we could bring in notable world-renowned speakers, I knew they would benefit so much. It's been awesome!"

Nancy Vader-McCormick
Communication Professor and Founder of the President's Speaker Series