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Delta Met the Specs for a Cutting-Edge Machining Program

Logan’s family owns a machine shop, where parts are carefully crafted for manufacturing equipment.

It gave him a keen eye for detail – and helped him know precisely what career he wanted.

Logan working with an instructor in the CNC lab.

“If I had to describe Delta in one word, it would be 'fun'. When you get here, there’s always someone you can talk to. When you’re between classes, you can go down to the Red Bricks Café or there’s a pool table down there. There’s the gym, the pool you can hang out at, and chill and have a good time. “

“I’ve worked in our shops and been around machining for a long time, and gained wisdom from older machinists,” Logan says. “It was fun to work with the machinery and watch it run, so I decided to pursue that.”

Logan wanted to learn hands-on. And since he already had experience, he didn’t want to work on just any old equipment.            

“I used to come to Delta for skilled trades competitions,” he says. “The year before I graduated high school, Delta received a grant. I’ve watched the shop go from being small to having machines more advanced than other colleges.”

Logan enrolled in Delta’s computer numerical control (CNC) program. He says he’s gaining skills to set up and tear down machines, draw parts from blueprints and create those parts efficiently.

Gaining real-world experience

The experience is already paying off, helping him benefit his family’s business.   

“It’s helped us push the boundaries of what our head machinist can do,” he says. “We can make parts faster, use new tools and keep on the cutting-edge of technology.”

Logan enjoys working side-by-side with instructors and other students. He says it’s been valuable, because in the real world, different companies will produce parts that must fit together perfectly.

To make parts, he uses tools like mills and lathes, both manual versions and computer numerical control (CNC) versions. He’s worked on a variety of projects – including a scale-model car he’s helped build.

Logan’s goal is to eventually run his family’s business. And he knows he can get there by improving that eye for detail that’s served him well, and staying on the forefront of machining.

He’s even judging high school students’ work for the competitions he used to participate in.

“I’ve watched Delta’s shop go from being small to having machines more advanced than other colleges. It’s why I came here.”

Logan Searfoss
Delta College CNC student
Future machinist

“You have to compare parts that are within tenths of an inch to determine the winner,” Logan says. “You have to be really precise. Delta helps you get there.”

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