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Delta is one of the best community colleges in the country. There are nearly 1,500 community colleges in America. Delta is in the top 10 percent, according to The Aspen Institute. That’s like having an Ivy League school in your back yard. You can take advantage of that. Apply today!

What type of student are you?

Dual-enrolled student

If you plan to attend Delta while you are a high school student, please complete the online admissions application in addition to the Dual Enrollment Approval and Tuition Authorization Form.

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Find out more about being a dual-enrolled student, including the benefits and complete check list to get started. 



What you’ll find at Delta: Average class size: 16:1 | Professors with a master’s degree or higher: 95% | Number of programs: 140+ | Number of students: 13,500 | Delta experience: 96% of grads said it was equal or better than their university experience