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Pre-Engineering is a program designed to provide for a student's first two years of a four-year Engineering degree. Since the first two years of most programs have the same curricula, one can transfer to Engineering schools with minimal difficulty. Most students who enter engineering simply transfer to an engineering schools after two years at Delta College. Good grades, especially in science and mathematics, are required for transfer to an engineering school. Since the degree these earn comes from the engineering school, they must consider the requirements of the engineering program they plan to enter when selecting courses at Delta College. Engineering careers are divided into such fields as aeronautical, agricultural, biomedical, chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, industrial, mechanical, and nuclear.

Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET)

See Mechanical Engineering Technology - Associate In Applied Science

The Mechanical Engineering Technology program provides students with the scientific and engineering knowledge needed to obtain an entry-level position in the engineering field. Students learn the theory and principles of mechanical engineering technology in the development and testing of machinery and equipment under the direction of engineering staff and physical scientists. Through classroom work and practical experience in mechanical engineering laboratories, students learn to perform mechanical testing and reduction and interpretation of data from test, design and development new equipment or modify existing equipment and prepare or interpret engineering drawing or sketches.

Graduates are qualified for positions as engineering assistants, laboratory technicians, designers, tool designers, and plant engineering technicians in the automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, chemical , electrical, petroleum, and food processing industry.

MET Career Outline (PDF)
The purpose of this brochure is to contrast several aspects of mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering technology programs and careers. Both options represent viable professional paths, and it is important for students to carefully assess their abilities, interests, and personal career objectives before selecting a specific program.

Manufacturing and Industrial Technology (MIT)

See Manufacturing And Industrial Technology - Associate In Applied Science
See Manufacturing And Industrial Technology - Lean Manufacturing - Certificate Of Achievement
See Manufacturing And Industrial Technology - Mit Supervisor - Certificate Of Achievement

The Manufacturing and Industrial Technology program prepares students for positions as manufacturing technicians who assist manufacturing engineers by translating the general ideas of the engineer into specific, detailed plans and communicating these plans to the machinist and craftsmen. Students learn to measure, analyze and improve upon production elements such as workers, materials and machines.

Graduates are qualified for wide variety of technical positions in the manufacturing sector, including sales and service. The program provides a mixture of education and training. The program emphasizes the computer aided-drafting and computerized numerical control aspects (CAD/CAM) of manufacturing technology.

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