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Academic Sustainability Travel: An Exploration in Sustainability & the Built Environment

Delta College with the Institute for Study Abroad Ireland (ISIA) presents this exciting study travel course for May 2016 (specific dates TBD).  The Institute for Study Abroad Ireland (ISAI) is located in Bundoran, Ireland’s famous surf town, County Donegal. We’ll explore the land of poets and playwrights, friendly people, and a history steeped in sustainable living!  You, too, can experience a modern, well-educated society dedicated to political, social and economic progress. This course, a combination of on-campus instruction and international travel, will focus on sustainability, architecture, and an environment that serves the community. Professional guides and Irish locals will inspire you with authentic stories of Ireland’s earliest inhabitants, poets, playwrights, and musicians. You’ll be introduced to the foundation of the Gaelic language and experience the Museum of Free Derry, a national civil rights archive of loss and freedom. Students will tour modern green certified buildings, explore century old castles, and ancient Neolithic mounds, sweat lodges, and historical tombs. Get ready to surf the awesome Tullan Strand, delight in locally-source / farm-to-table dining, and share in a community service project on the beautiful Bundoran coast.

Trip cost is $2,800 and includes 11 days and 10 nights of travel, flight, transportation, lodging, most meals, site entrance fees.  The cost does NOT include required academic course tuition and fees and students must register and pay for TTI100. The tuition and fees are eligible for financial aid.  Scholarship and fund raising opportunities will be available.  For additional information see the TTI100 course outline and travel flyer or contact and 989-686-9044 or 989-686-9209. 


The Green Book Project Vol. 2

Poets, painters, project makers…students, storytellers, sculpture makers! We invite you to make a difference by joining us in the production of Green Book Vol. 2.  If you and your students are participating in community learning, class projects, alternative spring breaks, volunteer programs, or any other venue that involves local foods, growing, farming, compost sharing, organic poultry and meats, and food collectives that foster sustainable action and stewardship, we want to share your story! Artists, poets, writers…share your work on pages of Vol. 2.

Many of you shared your projects in Vol. 1. Green Book: Creative Sustainable Action gathered imaginative, artistic, and resourceful actions that gave credence to our ability to make a difference.  What we found were projects that were helping to chart our carbon footprint, volunteers who were building efficiencies through alternative energies, and students who were tracking food waste from the kitchen to community gardens. Green Book, Vol. 1 has been recognized as an outstanding case study by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)!

We look forward to your hearing about your completed projects, your projects in action, those yet to be launched, and your ideas. Please send them to by June 30. If you’d like more information, contact, or



Academics & LifeLong Learning

Promoting learning, actions and practices that incorporate social, environmental, and economic sustainability in our communities is a Guiding Principle at Delta College. We are committed to preparing our graduates to make a difference in the way we live and work while being mindful of the interconnectedness of people, profit, and the planet.

Environmentally focused education ensures that students understand the ecological processes and how our choices affect the environment. Socially focused education develops student understanding of social justice and equity, encouraging involvement at the local level while considering the global population. Economically focused education teaches that business can be structured to be sufficiently profitable without generating financial profit at the expense of the ecosystem, local or world communities.


Academic Sustainability Courses

A sustainability-related course incorporates sustainable concepts as a distinct course module or concentrates on a single aspect of the three aspects of sustainability; environmental, social, or economic.  Look for the sustainability-related course designation in the section notes of the catalog.


LifeLong Learning Sessions

Understanding sustainability can open career doors. Add 'green' to your skills tool kit with a 2014 Green Series session!


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