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Delta Sculpture Walk

Delta Sculpture Walk


The Delta Sculpture Walk is a free, outdoor sculpture exhibit featuring a wonderful combination of traveling exhibits and permanent works held by Delta College. The variety showcases multiple styles and media used by the artists and sculptors. All are placed within the beautifully landscaped grounds of Delta College, in the heart of Michigan's Great Lakes Bay Region.

The sculpture exhibit has been developed to expand Delta College’s emphasis on visual artwork and the traveling pieces will be on display until spring 2013. We hope the exhibit will also help broaden the community’s view of the significant partnership between artistic expression and active learning.

We invite the public to enjoy the Delta Sculpture Walk, which is available 365 days a year without the need for an appointment. It is our desire to encourage intellectual conversation, illuminate the creative process and provide an aesthetic environment for everyone to enjoy.

MCACA logoThe Delta Sculpture Walk was commissioned by Delta College with the generous support of the Anderson Family of Bay City. Continued support is made possible through a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and a combination of private donations to the Delta College Foundation. If you would like to make a financial contribution, please call 989-686-9224.

Purchase a Sculpture

All of the traveling sculptures in this exhibit can be purchased. A portion of the proceeds from sculpture sales will benefit the Delta Sculpture Walk. For more information, contact curator John Sauve at 734-819-3456.

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The Delta Sculpture Walk is focused around the south end of campus. Free parking is available in the nearby west, southwest, southeast and east parking lots. View full campus map (PDF).

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Untitled, 1974
By Don Williams
Wood, 7'7" x 7'
Donated by Susan and Robert Pumford

Don Williams was a student at Delta College from 1965-1968. He enjoyed a long career as an art teacher in Saginaw. The piece is made from seven different kinds of wood and will be resurfaced and maintained as needed by Delta College's construction students.

About the artist


Ripples, 1996
Designed by Susan Pumford
Created by Jeff Kuch
Steel, 10'7" tall
Donated by Susan and Robert Pumford

Susan Pumford utilized her love of artwork to design this piece and worked with Jeff Kuch of Saginaw, who applied his knowledge of metal and welding to create this sturdy piece.

About the artist


Untitled, 2009
By Mark Burrows Morley
Steel, 4' tall
On loan from Sage Morley

The winds of Higgins Lake and the Great Lakes can be seen in the sails of this piece by lifelong Saginaw resident Mark Morley. He loved sailing's challenge and the camaraderie he found on the open water. This piece was unfinished and untitled at the time of his passing in 2011.

About the artist


Unfolding Arch, 1999
By Russell Thayer
Aluminum, 9’6" x 10'10"
Commissioned by the Delta College Humanities Division, with the generous support of Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Frantz, Mrs. William Pochelon and Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Reinhard.

Russell Thayer designed this as a learning experience for advanced art students to assist in the construction, and they were able to work with him throughout the entire creative process. Mr. Thayer retired from Delta College in 1999.

About the artist


Currents, 2011
Commissioned by Delta College and designed by JJR of Ann Arbor
Wind elements created by Lyman Whitaker
Donated by the Anderson family of Bay City

The wind elements are fabricated out of copper and stainless steel. The design permits the elements to be responsive to the currents of the wind, allowing changing forms to emerge in a slight breeze, yet balance in high winds. The weathered color palette of rust, brown tan and green are all elements of the applied patina.

About the artist


Inside My World, 2011
Designed by Susan Pumford
Created by Jeff Kuch
Steel, 3' ring inside 4' ring
Donated by Jeff Kuch and Susan and Robert Pumford

Utilizing stainless steel, welder Jack Kuch created this work to Susan Pumford's original design. The surface has been sanded and coated for durability. The two rings site on a base of triangles to reflect a "delta" and Delta College's service to its three county region – Saginaw, Bay and Midland counties.

About the artist


Strum, 2007
By John Sauve
Steel, 8' x 40" x 70"
Donated by Steve Prue

John Suave creates pieces that are composed of figures with strong vertical and horizontal objects, and are often painted in bold primary colors. A key element to his sculpture is the shadow that causes his work to change shape as the view moves around it.

About the artist



Blackhawk, 1972
By Alan Paulsen
Bronze and steel, 10' x 4'
Donated by Sharon and Louis Arnold

Blackhawk was created in the early 1970s in Paulsen’s Linwood, Michigan workshop for the Blackhawk Lounge in Bay City. This exterior sculpture matched one hanging in the main dining room.

About the artist

Monarch Mound


Monarch Mound, 2013
By Shay Church
Soil, gravel, native grasses and plants, 30' x 6'
Made possible by a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

Monarch Mound was created by artist Shay Church as an earthwork to attract and assist Monarch butterflies in their annual migrations to and from Mexico. Planning is underway to have the site registered as a Monarch Waystation through the non-profit organization Monarch Watch.

About the artist


Pontiac, 2009
By Brian Ferriby
Painted Steel, 128" x 40" x 36"
Traveling exhibit
Purchase price: $13,000

Brian Ferriby uses techniques that are elemental to the region, from those used by the earliest blacksmiths to those of the ironworkers who built factories, skyscrapers and bridges.

About the artist


Wind’s Wings, 1982
By Russell Thayer
Cor-Ten steel, 20' high
Donated by Russell Thayer

The sculpture represents clouds rising over high mountain peaks, like wings of the swirling winds. The top shape represents the clouds gathered, perched on a column of rising heat and air.

About the artist


Celebration, date unknown
By Verna Bartnick
Steel, 5' x 3'
Donated by Susan and Robert Pumford

The sculpture focuses on the positive aspects of the circle. In art, architecture, dance and nature, a circle can show how lives connect. With the passage of time, we continue to intersect as we approach eternity.

About the artist

Walk and Reach


Walk and Reach, 2013
By Delta College students under the direction of Instructor Ben Clore
Concrete, variable 24-36" x 7'
Made possible by a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

In Walk and Reach the legs symbolize the different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds of Delta College students. These students are reaching to achieve various goals as reflected in the arms that surround the piece.

About the artists


Spinning Fish 1, 2011
By Kenneth M. Thompson
Corten steel, 2' x 6'6 x 9'6
Traveling exhibit
Purchase price: $23,000

The artist said, "I see each new work as a clean sheet of paper that presents new opportunities to discover sculptural solutions. Beyond content and my sense of aesthetics, my sculpture concentrates on the fundamental issues of form and how negative space defines it."

About the artist

Jazz Man


Jazz Man, 2013
By Ferris State University students under the direction of Professor Robert Barnum
Steel, 3' x 3' x 7’
Made possible by a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

The organic figure forms present the power of music and dance. The sculptures are designed to cast shadows that are as compelling as the formal order of the figures themselves.

About the artists


Maria Dancing Flamenco Cactus, 2009
By Mike Sohikian
Steel, 4' x 3' x 12' 
Traveling exhibit
Purchase price: $20,000

The artist spent more than 40 years as a bridge and structural iron worker. He relied on art as a tool for communication through architectural drawings. His art speaks for him the same way. "It's my way of translating a word, a sound or a feeling into a visual reference point to communicate and express myself."

About the artist


Empire Cat, 2014
By Emmanuel Rodriguez
Steel, 1' x 5" x 13"
Traveling exhibit
Purchase price: $9,000

The artist experiments with art and architecture and explores the relationship between space, boundaries, infinity and limits. He is inspired by the transformation of energy at its moment of release or change.

About the artist


Die Trajanssaule, 2010
By John Sauve
Steel, 2’ x 2' x 12'
Traveling exhibit
Purchase price: $10,000

The artist's sculpture is as much about the figure as the shadow it casts. Sauve challenges the viewer by presenting the figure in public spaces utilizing the environment as a way to question what it means to existence and the relationship between the individual and the collective.

About the artist


Dancer, 2007
By Eric Stevenson
Welded stainless steel, 12’6" x 10’ x 10’
Made possible by Delta College contributors

Focused on the abstraction of the human form, this graphic silhouette captures the body in motion. The intentions of a figure are revealed and are adorned with additional industrial artifacts such as bolts and tubes that tie it to the industrial age.

About the artist



Vicinity, 2013
By Ryan Klotz and Scott Garrard
Wood and concrete, 10' x 18'
Made possible by a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

Vicinity implies structural relationships through materials and environmental interactions

About the artists

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