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Math and Science Manufacturing Experience (MSME) Lesson Plans

As a result of the efforts of businesses, selected middle school and high school teachers, and Delta College faculty, this online library of lesson plans has been created and exists for any middle school or high school teacher to use in the classroom. Each lesson plan directly relates to the use of science and math in the manufacturing environment and has been designed to engage the students in a lab/activity to get them involved and excited in the application of science and math in the work place.

You can expect to see lesson plans added on an annual basis as a result of the MSME Program.  It is our hope that you, as teachers, will bring these lessons plans into your classroom and will see the excitement of the students as the next generation of workers gains new insights into the modern manufacturing environment.  Follow the steps below as you consider the lesson plans you would like to bring into your classroom.


Grade Level



Developed by:




Statistics: Scatter Plots

  Supporting Document

Amanda Koch – Saginaw Public Schools



Earth Science

Oil Spill Cleanup

Sheri Turner – Bangor Township Schools




Spectral Detective

  Supporting Documents

Mark Hackbarth – Midland Public Schools


6th- 8th


Pipe Cleaner Towers Activity

Modified by Nancy Francis – Carrollton Public Schools

Developed by Dr. Laura Bottomley & Heather Smolensky


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