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Teaching Methods and Strategies in Industrial/Technical Education

ITE 340

Teaching Methods and Strategies in Industrial/Technical Education

ITE 340

Course Description

Prerequisite: ED 200B or Permission of Instructor. Surveys local, state, and national standards for teaching industrial technology. Considers current and historic philosophies, methods and trends. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Describe events and experiences establishing a commitment and preparation for teaching industrial education.

Write sample outcomes, goals, and objectives.

Create techniques for measuring student progress in knowledge, skill, and attitudes.

Develop a record keeping systems.

Prepare appropriate teaching aids.

Create devices and strategies to enhance classroom and manage lab/shop situations.

Review, select, and develop strategies to maximize safe working conditions in a lab/shop environment.

Prepare and present modules involving audio-visual technology.

Prepare industrial tools, materials, and activities for youngsters visiting Delta Community College facilities.

Visit and interact with teachers and students in a local community school industrial education program.

Prepare a professional resume' and develop a portfolio.

Generate a rationale, philosophy, and description of industrial education.

Establish a thorough description of content areas in industrial education.

Describe a process of teaching students with a wide range of abilities, interests, and abilities.

Create teaching methods appropriate for various types of students in industrial education classes.

Prepare a series of lesson plans suitable for a substitute teacher.

Select and evaluate text material for teaching.

Describe plans to maintain good discipline.