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Fire Prevention Organization & Management

FST 334W

Fire Prevention Organization & Management

FST 334W

Course Description

Presents an overview of history, philosophy, techniques, procedures, programs of private and public agencies involved with fire prevention, organization and administration of code enforcement, licenses, permits, zoning, inspections, investigations, education and analysis of statistics. Includes off site field trips. (45-15)

Outcomes and Objectives

Describe background, laws, and concepts and apply these in the organization and management of fire prevention programs.


  • Explain historical background and philosophy of fire prevention
  • Explain the involvement of nongovernmental organizations and insurance industry in fire prevention management
  • Describe the basics in organizing, developing, implementing and administration of fire prevention management
  • Explain the importance of national qualifications for fire prevention specialists and how local fire departments obtain and maintain educational levels needed to meet national qualifications
  • Describe development, enactment and enforcement of codes
  • Describe proper inspection practices and procedures
  • Discuss human reactions to fire situations and fire education
  • Analyze data in the research of new fire prevention efforts

Perform writing tasks to promote learning.

Write effectively for a specific audience and purpose.

Demonstrate the learning of concepts through writing.