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Fire Protection Systems II

FST 207W

Fire Protection Systems II

FST 207W

Course Description

Prerequisite: FST 107. A comprehensive study of fire protection system in buildings. Includes design standards, conducting plan review, inspection, testing and maintenance of fire alarms, automatic detection devices, manual devices, automatic sprinklers, foam-water, water spray, standpipe, water supply and automatic chemical agent systems. (45-0)

Outcomes and Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and selected skills needed to perform effectively as inspector or emergency responder to buildings equipped with fire protection systems.


  • Identify codes and standards regulating fire protection in buildings and apply these requirements
  • Apply NFPA Standards in the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems
  • Identify the design requirements, acceptance test, and maintenance of records
  • Describe the various types of visual inspection, testing, maintenance and record procedures
  • Test selected fire protection systems for compliance with system requirements
  • Conduct a basic plan review of fire protection system to ensure compliance with requirements of NFPA standards
  • Apply emergency procedures to buildings equipped with fire protection systems

Perform writing tasks to promote learning.

Write effectively for a specific audience and purpose.

Demonstrate the learning of concepts through writing.