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Non-Credit Job Training

Program Overview


Become the "right" type of leader and help your organization increase productivity, morale, output and job satisfaction with Delta's 6 week Leadership program. This program is focused on inspiration management and mindful leadership and aids aspiring leaders to well-seasoned managers on building their Leadership "toolkit".

You'll gain value that you can instill throughout your career on topics such as change management, delegation for results, building a team, the lost art of leadership, negotiation and persuasion and the art and science of project management. In addition, elements of workplace communication and mindfulness will be infused throughout the program. You'll learn the importance of how effective communication and emotional intelligence play a key role in your organizational success. You'll be able to immediately apply course takeaways and highly interactive, inspiring, thought provoking presentations and workplace scenarios for optimal results!

Earning Potential

Average pay for general managers is $80,200 per year. Those just starting out generally earn around $40,000, while highly experienced workers can earn as much as $165,800. This is a great way to enhance your leadership skills.

In this field, it is estimated that you could earn an average of $77,319 per year.


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Likely Careers

  • General and Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Retail Manager
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Program Details

What is a general manager?

A general manger: 

  • Manages daily operations.
  • Plans the use of staff and resources.
  • Oversee activities directly related to providing services or products.
  • Reviews financial statements, sales and activity reports and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement.
  • Determines areas that need cost reduction and program improvement.
  • Manages staff, prepares work schedules and assigns specific duties.
  • Establishes and implements departmental policies and procedures, goals and  objectives.
  • Determines staffing requirements.
  • Interviews, hires and train new employees.
  • Determines goods and services to be sold.

No prerequisites are required for this class. 

Admission to Delta College isn't required for this program. Please contact the LifeLong Learning department directly to register for this class or you may choose to register online.


Textbooks are not required for this course. All the required materials you'll need are included in this course and will be provided during class!

Non-credit financial assistance

Funding you may qualify for:

The Board of Trustees Grant: To make an appointment, please call the Financial Aid Office at 989-686-9080. In Midland call 989-495-4000 ext. 9080. Eligibility requirements apply. Download the Board of Trustees Grant Application for complete details.

Michigan Works!: Sixteen Michigan Works! Agencies oversee local Michigan Works! Service Centers, where job seekers and employers can access services. Call Saginaw 989-249-5232, Bay 989-667-0500 or Midland 989-631- 3073 or visit the Michigan Works! website for a complete listing of Michigan Works! One-Stop Service Centers.

Note: The Pell grant does not apply to non credit programs.

Facts & Figures


Professionals choose Delta College LifeLong Learning because of our relevant topics and convenient time and location!

Dollar Sign

The Board of Trustees Grant may be available for eligible students enrolling in short-term training programs. If assistance is awarded, it may cover up to 1/3 of the cost of the course not to exceed $692.


"Open discussions and real life examples were valuable experiences in my LifeLong Learning program."

Kyle Boxey, Delta College LifeLong Learning Student