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Digital Film

Associate in Applied Arts

Program Overview

Film is an exciting medium for both artistic expression and sharing information. Beyond independent filmmaking, those with skills in script writing, shooting and editing are also valued in the private sector. Companies are realizing that video-based information, tutorials and marketing can enhance the user experience on their websites and social media content.

Sound like a good fit for you? Once you have your associate's degree, consider transferring to get a bachelor's. There may be more job opportunities and possibilities for promotion. 

Earning Potential

Transfer on to get a bachelor's degree, and you could have increased earning potential as a film editor. Job growth has steadily increased over the past few years, and is expected to continue.

In this field, it is estimated you could earn $45,289 a year.

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Likely Careers

  • Film and Video Editor
  • Animator
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Producer
  • Accounting professor working with students in class.
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About Delta's Program

The digital film program is largely designed for those who would like to be independent filmmakers. It's also suited for those who intend to continue course work in film after their time at Delta College. However, beyond the course work, pursuing this program has additional benefits.

You will find yourself surrounded by others who are genuinely interested in film and filmmaking. If filmmaking is anything, it is a collaborative art form. It's difficult to make films without a network of talented and passionate people to rely on. This program is a great way for students to grow their networks.

Why you should choose Delta

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Hands-on experience
Student film screening and competition opportunities:
  • Jaxon Film Festival 
  • Central Michigan University International Film Festival
  • Michigan Association of Broadcasters, Michigan Student Broadcast Awards
Film festival involvement and volunteer opportunities:
  • Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival
  • Made-in-Michigan Film Festival
Professional experience through internships:
Honors Program

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 Study abroad

Want to travel and see the world? You can do that at Delta. And get college credit while you do. Every year, Delta offers study abroad opportunities.

Why study abroad?

  • Experience a new culture
  • Improve your foreign language skills
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Find new interests
  • Looks good on job applications
  • Personal growth


Facts & Figures

Student to professor ratio
With a student to professor ratio of 18 to 1, our students get personal attention.
Apple and diploma
95% of our professors have a master’s degree or higher.

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