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Located in the heart of downtown Bay City, the Delta College Planetarium and Learning Center has delighted more than 430,000 visitors since opening in 1997. Nowhere else in the Great Lakes Bay Region will you find such a unique, modern facility with a focus on learning. We are one of three regional Delta College centers outside our main campus. Approximately 700 Delta College students take college classes at this center each year.

The $8.75 million facility, funded by NASA, houses a state-of-the-art Planetarium Digital 360 theater, seven classrooms, a large multipurpose two story room called “The Space Explorer’s Hall”, a computer lab, rooftop observation deck, gift shop, office/learning support area and a magnificent lobby with a floor that displays the major star constellations. The Planetarium Digital Theater has a JVC full dome video projection system with Digistar® 4 software housed under a tilted 50 foot domed screen with 146 unidirectional seats. The entire building is designed as a metaphor of space and space exploration.

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