Reservation Checklist

Call 989-667-2260 to make group reservations. Once you have made your reservations, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. (Please be sure to give your e-mail address to the person taking your reservation). We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to show time. This will allow time for your group to use the restrooms prior to entering the theater, and also time for someone to check-in, verify numbers and make payment. Due to darkness and special lighting in the theater, late groups will not be seated.

Please note: A minimum of one week notice is required for any cancellations. Failure to cancel in advance will result in being charged a $75 fee, except for weather issues or other verifiable reasons acceptable to Delta College.

Before you Call

Check transportation and availability.

Have a first and second choice of possible dates/times and shows, allowing one hour per program with additional time to visit the gift shop if desired.

    Reservation information needed:

    • Age level
    • Number of children, adults, seniors in group
    • Name of person in charge of group
    • Organization name, address and phone number
    • Preferred dates and times (first and second choices)
    • Show you would like to see 
    • Special Needs: If you have a group with mentally or physically handicapped individuals, please inform us when you make reservations so we may plan with you to try to meet their special needs.

    Call 989-667-2260 for reservations. 

    Before you Come

    If you have children or students, please arrange for 1 adult chaperone for every 10 children. Chaperones are required to supervise groups at all times.

    Review expected behavior with your group if you have children.

    Collect admission fees prior to your arrival. Please make checks payable to Delta College.

    When You Arrive

    Allow at least 15 minutes before the scheduled program start time.

    Person(s) in charge of group must check in at the Gift Shop to verify numbers and pay fees.

    Enter the building at the Water Street main entrance (across from Wenonah Park) if you are arriving by bus. Buses may drop groups off at this door and park there during your visit. Water Street in Bay City is a two way street and signs indicate the best location for bus loading and unloading. Cars should park in the Planetarium parking lot off Sixth Street.

    Attend to personal needs prior to being seated in the Planetarium Theater.

    Due to dark conditions during the program, anyone who leaves will not be readmitted. Chaperones must supervise children using restrooms.

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