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Honors Program

What is an Honors Option?

A student must be accepted into the Honors Program to be eligible for an Honors Option.

The deadline for submitting 14/SP Honors Option Contracts is Friday, May 23, 2014.

The main purpose of an Honors Option is to increase the scope and depth of learning in a non-Honors course and to enrich the student's experience. You can receive Honors credit in non-Honors courses by going beyond the regular class requirements.

  • The student should meet with the instructor early in the semester to ensure enough time to complete the Honors Option project. The student and the instructor should use a creative approach to devise a unique learning experience. The Honors Option must exhibit higher level thinking skills, for example; analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating.
  • The student and the instructor need to complete an Honors Option Contract Form (PDF) which is also available in the Honors Office.
  • Upon successful completion of the Honors Option, a "+" will be posted on the transcript.

If you have further questions or would like more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or call the Honors Office at 989-686-9091.

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