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Global Peace Studies

Global Peace Studies (GPS)

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The Global Peace Studies program prepares students to understand the complexity of global issues and become agents of positive change. Students will discover and explore the interaction of forces that influence peace and conflict in our world, as well as examine issues of ecological sustainability and social justice. Students will broaden their knowledge base and develop cross-cultural understanding and leadership skills needed to mediate conflict in various situations -- at home, in the community, at the national level and abroad.

The GPS program incorporates internships, service learning and national/international travel opportunities.

Global Peace Studies students can earn an Associate of Arts degree or Certificate of Achievement.

Career Options

Many careers can be pursued with a degree in Global Peace Studies including those in conflict management, teaching, ministry, social services and politics.

Students who transfer into programs focusing on counseling, anthropology, sociology, history, science, criminal justice, nursing or business will benefit from graduation with a global perspective.

Transfer Options

The GPS degree is accepted as a 2+2 transfer at most universities. Delta College has an established 3+1 transfer agreement in International Business with Northwood University.

Track 1: International Business (2+2 transfer or 3+1 transfer with Northwood University) focuses on the global business environment including trade, finance, law making, management, culture and comparative economic systems.

Track 2: Global Environment (2+2 transfer) focuses on factors influencing environmental transformation and exploitation, and explores solutions to environmental problems.

Track 3: Human Services/Social Justice (2+2 transfer) focuses on obtaining the knowledge and skills to identify and meet human needs in a variety of social and cultural settings.

Track 4: International Relations (2+2 transfer) focuses on exploring the sources of international conflict and the necessary conditions for enhancing peace and cooperation among nations.


Mission of the Program

To increase awareness and deepen knowledge of the various factors that interact to affect global peace and conflict, and educate and develop the skills within our students that they may fulfill their potential for creating positive change at the local, national and international levels.

A peaceful and just world

Collaboration, diversity, equality, leadership, social justice and sustainability

Be the change you want to see in the world." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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