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Admissions Office

Dual Enrollment

If you plan to enroll in Delta College courses and are currently in high school courses during the same semester, you need to submit a Dual Enrollment Application (PDF) for each semester in which you intend to enroll. This application, available at your high school, needs to be signed by your parent and high school counselor or principal. Request that your high school send a current copy of your transcript to the Admissions Office.

Special Enrollment

If you are at least 14 years old and attend junior high school, you may be admitted one semester at a time under Special Enrollment. This program is designed to supplement your educational plans and to help you gain educational enrichment in courses and academic areas not available in your home school setting. All students of junior high school age must apply through the Dual Enrollment/Fast Track application. The application will need to be signed by the student's parent and guidance counselor or principal (only parent if home schooled). The student's parent or legal guardian is responsible for all fees, tuition and transportation. The student must have the ability to read and write at the college level, as demonstrated by taking the COMPASS Assessment test.

If you are younger than 14 years of age and can demonstrate the academic and social skills appropriate for college-level coursework you may be admitted for one-semester at a time under Special Enrollment. You will need to submit a completed Dual Enrollment/Fast Track Application at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the anticipated semester of enrollment. A letter of support from the school's counselor or principal or your parent (if home schooled) must accompany the application. You will be required to take a college determined assessment exam for proper course placement. A college committee will interview you (accompanied by a parent or guardian) to determine your eligibility for the course and will make a recommendation to the Director of Admissions.

Middle school aged students are not eligible to enroll in courses below 100 level. You may take advanced courses at Delta, but you may not take remedial courses.

For more information, please contact Admissions at 989-686-9093.

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