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Building a Sustainable Campus

The role of Facilities Management in campus operations imparts responsibility and provides opportunity to consider, develop, and implement processes and practices intended to improve the quality of our environment. By incorporating sustainability practices throughout operations, it is our intention to serve as an example and a catalyst of environmental awareness to the College community. 

Stormwater Management: Creating a Sustainable Learning Environment

With Federal government placing more stringent mandates on the discharge and filtering of storm water, Delta took the forward-thinking initiative to transform our exterior space with the environment in mind. The project incorporates proactive and responsible measures to collect, clean, and return runoff water to the natural environment. Interpretive signage (PDF) and an outdoor classroom extend walls of our academic core to embrace the exploration of campus ecosystems. They create a living, learning laboratory for the campus and community by promoting conservation, land stewardship, and responsible measures for rainwater runoff.

Using the flag circle on South Campus as a landmark, just head across the boulevard to either of the bridges. You’ll be introduced to a brief history of the college campus and the heart of the Saginaw Valley. Then follow the walkway to learn how bioswales help to clean pollutants from the parking lots and the redesigned watercourse. The interpretive signs (PDF) explain how both systems help to create a natural filtration system and how their design provides habitat to fish, birds, critters and bugs.

As you round the wet meadow, you’ll learn about the project materials and methods selected helped to reduce the impact on the environment and to support the local economy. But, most importantly, you’ll come away with a better awareness of how everything we do, everything we take, and everything we make holds potential to affect nature’s balance.

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