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Power of a Single Action

Sustainability is open territory — there is much to be accomplished and plenty of room for innovation. Pioneers are needed at all levels who can make important contributions and have a profound impact on our future. We invite you to become an active participant and to expand your awareness of sustainability on campus and throughout the communities in which you live, work, and play. After all, it’s the power of a single action that brings about change.



Recycle To Fundraise!

The collection of returnable beverage containers in public areas offers an opportunity for student clubs and organizations and faculty and staff to fundraise and/or donate to charitable organizations. Submit your Request forms (PDF) to the Sustainability Office and start fundraising today!


Cell Phone Recycling

Every year, nearly 300 million Americans will replace their cell phone. Just one of those phones, if thrown away, can pollute up 40,000 gallons of ground water. Its nickel-cadmium battery can pollute 175,000 gallons if disposed of improperly. Cell phones can be redistributed, refurbished, and recycled - almost every part of a phone is recyclable! The most environmentally sound thing to do with an old cell phone is to reuse it.

You can recycle your phone, PDA, chargers, and Ipod, batteries, and accessories right here on campus. Just locate a green and white collection box in Founders Hall, LLIC, F Wing, Post Office, and student study areas.

Recycling and reusing cell phones can reduce the number of phones manufactured globally every year and allows reconditioning for donations to charitable organizations.

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Scrap Metal Recycling

Delta College practices the efficient use of materials and the recycling of parts and pieces. Learn how scrap metal is not wasted, but a continuous resource.

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