Using eTextbooks

You will need to submbit a request for an alternative format or etextbook if you have an accommodation to receive this type of service. 

Please note the following when requesting this service: 

    • Textbooks sometimes take several weeks to receive, so be sure to submit the requests as early as possible. 
    • A copy of your receipt for your books is required when you pick up your alternate format books. 
    • Text files from the publishers are provided in a PDF format on a CD, which will be available for you to pick up from the Office of Disability Resources. Alternatively, the files can be uploaded on a student-provided USB drive. 
    • Text files are generally only provided, not audio. Text files can be read outloud using Adobe Reader (a free software download) or using the text-to-speech software built into a Mac. 

Submit a Alternative Format/eTextbook Request

How to use your etextbook files

ODR distributes etextbook files as PDF files so they can be used with Adobe Reader because it is a free download and has a decent read-aloud capabilities.

How to download Adobe Reader

    1. Go to Adobe Adobe Acrobat Reader's website.
    2. Click on the "Install now" button and follow the instructions. 

How to use Adobe Reader to read your etext files

    1. Put your CD or USB drive with the etext files into the computer. 
    2. If a menu pops up to view files on the disc, select "Open folder to view files." If a menu does not pop up, skip to step 9. 
    3. Right click on the book file or chapter file you would like to read. 
    4. in the menu, go to "Open with" and select Adobe Reader.
    5. In the top left corner of the menu, go to "View." 
    6. In the "View" menu, go to "Read Out Loud" and select "Activate Read Out Loud." 
    7. Navigate in your book to the section you would like to begin reading.
    8. Go back to the "Read Out Loud" menu again and select "Read This Page Only."
    9. If a menu does not pop up when you put your CD or USB into the computer, go to the Start Button in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.
    10. Type "Adobe Reader" in the search bar.
    11. Click on Adobe Reader to open it.
    12. In the top left corner of the menu bar go to "File."
    13. In the "File" menu, select "Open" and find the CD or USB folder in the pop-up menu.
    14. Select the book file or chapter you would like to read and click "Open."
    15. Follow steps 5 through 8. 

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