Academic Awards & Contests

Delta College students routinely enter local, regional and national competitions to showcase their excellent achievement within a particular area of study. These academic awards and contests are facilitated by the faculty within those fields. 

English Discipline 

Donald Halog Emerging Writer Award

Given to a Delta student who meets the following criteria

    • A demonstrated and strong ability to grow as a writer.
    • A way of "standing out" to his or her instructor in a positive way. Examples: Has this student shown great determination? Overcome serious obstacles while pursuing academic excellence? Shown, again and again, that he or she belongs in a community of learners?
    • Recent enrollment in a developmental writing class as part of his or her time at Delta College (within an academic year).

Additional Guidelines

    • While students may be nominated by any current or past instructor, the writing sample must be from a WRT 090 or WRT 098 course.
    • A copy of the assignment and/or rubric for which the sample was written must also be submitted so the judges can have a better context for understanding the writing.
    • Faculty must write a brief (under 350 words) endorsement for each student they nominate.

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Land Student Writing Competition

The LAND Writing Competition is open to any student enrolled in a credit class at a public Michigan two-year college during the calendar year. Faculty may make judicious suggestions to students for revision of entries.

Maximum Length Requirements

    • Creative Non-fiction (max. 2000 words)
    • Poetry (max. 50 lines)
    • Fiction (max. 2000 words)

Delta College Awards (in each category)

    • 1st Prize:  $75
    • 2nd Prize: $45
    • Honorable Mention

1st and 2nd Prize entries in each category will be sent to compete in the state-wide competition.

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League for Innovation Student Creative Writing Contest

Maximum Length Requirements

    • Essay -- Must not exceed 2,500 words
    • Fiction -- Must not exceed 3,500 words
    • One Act Play -- Must not exceed 3,500 words, including stage direction and/or production notes
    • Poetry -- Must not exceed 67 lines 

Local Competition (Awarded in each category)

    • 1st Prize: $100 (and sent to the national competition)
    • 2nd Prize: $50
    • Honorable Mention - Certificate of Recognition

National Competition (Awarded in each category)

    • 1st Prize:  $500
    • 2nd Prize: $200
    • 3rd Prize: $100

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Skip Renker Creative Writing Award 


    • Enrolled in at least one academic course during the Fall 2021 and/or Winter 2022 semester.
    • Have at least a 3.0 overall grade point average.
    • May apply any academic year in which they are enrolled, but may only win the award once.

Submission Criteria

    • Entrants will submit a portfolio of writing. Some of this writing must have been created for one or more Delta College writing courses.

The portfolio may include any (or a combination of):

    • Creative Nonfiction (Personal Essay)
    • Short Fiction Story
    • Poetry
    • One-Act Play
    • Screenwriting

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