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Academic Testing Center History

It all began in 1994

by Joyce A. Howard, Assistant Professor
Science Division, Delta College

The desire for a group testing center began during the spring semester, 1994, as a pilot between my Microbiology classes, Mary Jane Cooper and the TLC. The goal was to free up more class time for learning activities by allowing exams to occur outside of the classroom setting. The students found the extra teaching time extremely valuable. They enjoyed the freedom of the one-week window in which to take their exams at the TLC.

Fall semester, 1994, the group testing center involved all of my and Fred Ross' microbiology students . Fred, me, and our peer mentors monitored the center on a volunteer basis. By the end of the semester, Charissa Urbano had become involved.

Winter semester, 1995, the center involved Carl Altenhof, John Cole, Nelson Greene, Diedra Knox, Mark Robertson, Charissa Urbano, Jeanne White, Patti Davidson & Telelearning and myself. The faculty & staff involved manned the center 32 hours each week on a volunteer basis. Scheduling consistent rooms became a challenge. Carl Altenhof was called upon to create what became known as "the green bomber" to hold exams in a locked, portable cabinet.

Fall semester, 1995, we had sixteen instructors, plus Telelearning, utilizing the center. We touched 1300 students. The rooms and schedules were far from perfect, but continued to improve. Students told me repeatedly how much they enjoyed taking their tests this way. They believed all instructors should be involved. I coordinated the center. I was able to hire a person through the Commission on Aging program to monitor in the afternoons. I also hired three work study students who monitored on evenings and weekends. Each instructor involved in the center donated one to two hours each week as a monitor.

Spring semester, 1996, we began a one-year pilot project for the college. It involved the testing center monitoring all make-up testing for the college, a service previously handled at the T/LC. We gained a second full-time monitor through the Commission on Aging.

Caroline Wirtz, Acting Dean of Academic Services, commissioned a task force to look at the issues of academic testing for the college. Task force members were Charissa Urbano, Ellen Waxman, Patti Davidson, John Cole, Jane Speer, Mona White and myself. I served as the chairperson of the task force.

As of summer, 1999, the DCTC was in its 19th semester. The Center moved into the new Library Learning Information Center (LLIC) in August 1999. A full-time coordinator was hired. The name of the center was changed from DCTC to the Academic Testing Center (ATC) to emphasize the type of testing that is conducted, and to differentiate it from the Assessment/Testing Center. During its first year in the LLIC, 279 faculty members, from all nine divisions of the college, utilized the service. Over 18,000 out-of-class, make-up and distance learning exams were conducted during the ATC's first year.

An Update

by Michele Allen, ATC Coordinator
January 2009

The Academic Testing Center continues to grow and exceed expectations. The center remains housed in the LLIC with a seating capacity for fifty (50) students taking paper/pencil exams and six (6) computer stations for students taking computerized exams. It is staffed by one full-time coordinator, one full-time testing monitor, and three part-time testing monitors. The center is open seven days a week during fall and winter semesters and remains open with the College is open during the spring and summer semesters.

During the 2007-2008 fiscal year, the Academic Testing Center set an all time record for the number of exams administered--40,023. Just over 12,000 of those students visited the ATC for the first time during their educational experience at Delta College. Approximately 1,725 hours of valuable instruction time was gained through out-of-class testing during 2007-2008.

The mission of the Academic Testing Center is to continue to serve our students and faculty.

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