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Testing Center Guidelines for Students

The following guidelines have been developed for those Delta College students who are required or request to take their exams in the Testing Center.

  • Pictured Identification--Pictured ID is required. A Delta student ID, passport and/or driver's license are acceptable forms of pictured ID. Unfortunately without a proper ID, test monitors are not allowed to issue any exam.
  • Restroom Breaks--It is advised that students take care of restroom stops before entering the exam area. Once an exam has been issued, students are to remain in the examination room until their exam has been completed.  Upon exiting the room, all testing material must be turned in.  Instructors may provide special need students with waivers to this rule as needed. Documentation of waiver must accompany exam.
  • Personal Items--All personal items not intended to be used for test-taking must be securely stored out of the reach of students while in the examination room.  This includes books, papers, laptops, purses, gloves, cell phones and other electronic devises.  Cell phones must be turned off prior to entering the examination room--do NOT leave them in vibration mode.  Coats are to be placed on the back of chairs.  Hats with brims must be removed or turned around with the brim facing backwards.  Testing Center monitors have a limited supply of bags that can be used by students needing to store personal items while testing.  Quarter lockers are also available outside the Testing Center and can be used by students wishing to rent them.  Testing Center staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items while using these lockers. No food or drinks can be taken into the examination room.
  • Unattended Children--Children are not allowed to accompany individuals into the examination room; nor are unattended children allowed to remain alone in the service area.
  • Quiet Please--One of the purposes of the Testing Center is to provide you with a quiet, undisturbed environment. Please take special care as you arrive and leave to maintain that quiet atmosphere.  
  • Testing Material--Your instructor will tell you the items you must provide to take a test. They will specify if pen or pencil is to be used, or if you must provide a scantron, NCS answer sheet, or Blue Book.  Testing monitors are not allowed to change any part of the instructor’s directions or requirements.  A limited number of calculators, colored pencils, and rulers are available for students to borrow. 
  • Process--After seeing your picture ID, the monitor will log your name into the database. The monitor will then direct students where to sit. Students should never sit next to another student taking the same exam. After you have completed the exam, you must return it to the test monitor.
  • Violation of Rules--If a student violates the directions established by an instructor, or the guidelines of the Testing Center, the monitor has the right to collect the exam early.  If the monitor asks for your exam early, please turn in it in immediately and leave the area. The monitor will inform the instructor as to why your exam was stopped. Any further discussion should be directed to your instructor, not to the testing monitor.
  • Closing Time--If you come to take a test during the evening hours, understand that you must complete your test by the scheduled closing time. Students will be given a 5 minute warning. Exams are collected 15 minutes before the official closure of the Library Learning Information Center (LLIC).

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