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KeyTrain® - ACT® WorkKeys Preparation

Do you need to brush up on some basic skills to advance your current job, refresh your skills before taking the WorkKeys® assessments or prepare for career advancement? Or, have you decided to go for that college degree but need to refresh your reading or math skills? If so, these self-paced,  Web-based computer classes are designed to give you the training you need at times that are convenient to you. Basic keyboarding skills are required.

KeyTrain® is the complete interactive training system for career readiness skills, based on ACT’s WorkKeys® assessment system and the National Career Readiness Certificate. KeyTrain® uses a variety of interactive exercises so that you can apply each concept. The classes are comprehensive and easy-to-use.

KeyTrain® is open entry/open exit.  You may enroll at any time and complete the material at your own pace.  You will receive six (6) months of access.

Reading for Information

Acquire the skill of reading and understanding common workplace documents such as letters, manuals, procedures and memos. The exercises are based on realistic work situations.

Approximate time to complete: 36 hours
Course Number: CDB-1000
Cost: $19

Locating Information

This class will teach you the skill of finding, extracting, understanding and using information that is not in the form of normal text. These types of documents include charts,graphs, tables, forms, maps and drawings.
Approximate time to complete: 28 hours
Course Number: CDB-1002
Cost: $19

Applied Technology

Applied Technology focuses on the ability to apply an understanding of modern technology in order to identify and solve common types of problems. Emphasis is placed on a broad  understanding of scientific principles instead of quantitative calculations. These skills are applied in troubleshooting realistic systems.

Approximate time to complete: 123hrs
Course Number: CDB-1005
Cost: $59


Teamwork skills are essential to improving productivity in the workplace. Each component of this class is reviewed and then illustrated with realistic workplace scenarios followed by questions and answers that discuss possible methods for dealing with the situations encountered.

Approximate time to complete:
32 hours
Course Number: CDB-1003
Cost: $19


Most trades and jobs are learned largely through on-the-job training. The ability to effectively learn from this method depends on your observation skills. This class helps build good observation skills by breaking this large and complex subject into its primary components: perception, integration, memorization and interpretation.

Approximate time to complete:
Course Number: CDB-1004
Cost: $19

Applied Mathematics

Learn the skill of applying mathematical reasoning and problem-solving techniques to workplace situations. Exercises include basic skills such as math operations, making change and working with fractions and percentages.

Approximate time to complete:
40 hours
Course Number: CDB-1001
Cost: $19


Writing assesses your ability to compose a grammatically correct written message from the information provided. Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, organization, proofreading and flow are all considered.

Approximate time to complete: 40hrs
Course Number: CDB-1006
Cost: $19


Listening is an essential component of many modern jobs. This class measures the ability to convey factual information from spoken messages. It builds listening skills through a variety of interactive exercises.

Approximate time to complete: 40hrs
Course Number: CDB-1007
Cost: $19


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