Instructional Support Services

Instructional Support Services is Delta’s primary support area for adjunct faculty. Our team is here to help faculty and students achieve academic, professional and personal excellence as they learn, work and grow.

Our services

Instructional Support Services provides access to telephones, computers and file drawers, as well as a comfortable workspace where faculty can prepare class materials, grade papers and meet with students. Copiers, fax machines, Scantron test scoring and mailboxes are also available for adjunct faculty.

We also help process work order requests for printing services. A 48-hour minimum turnaround time is preferred, but we will do our best to accommodate requests that need immediate processing.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. The Department of Public Safety operates the college's lost and found area. If you lose something, contact Public Safety. If you find something, please turn it in to Public Safety. They will attempt to locate the owner.

Faculty or staff members should take the appropriate actions outlined in the Delta College Procedures Manual, under Disruptive Student.

Yes. Adjunct faculty grants are intended to support adjuncts' continued professional development.

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Yes. An adjunct instructor must present their Delta College photo ID card to Public Safety in N102 and sign the checkout sheet in order to borrow one of the available keys. The borrowed key will only unlock the back door and the door will automatically lock when closed. Do not prop the door open. All lights and electrical equipment must be turned off before leaving the office.

There is a one-day limit on key checkout, and the key must be returned to Public Safety prior to the adjunct instructor leaving the building for the day. When the key is returned to Public Safety, the staff acknowledges that the key has been returned by initialing the checkout sheet.

Adjunct faculty are eligible to purchase a reserved parking gate card for the east or west gated lots from the Cashier's Office. Evening-only gate cards are also available. East and west gate cards are not interchangeable.

Another option is to purchase a hanging permit for the designated hanging reserved parking sites in the east or west parking lots. The reserved parking spaces are fully sold out each year, so you may request to be placed on a wait list. Contact the Cashier's Office, B110, at extension 9394 for more information.

In an effort to improve our tracking system for keys, we are implementing procedures that allow us to issue classroom master keys to adjunct faculty. The classroom master key works with most classrooms on the main campus. By having keys inventoried and signed for each semester, this process will help cut down on the number of keys that are made and issued, saving the college time and money.

A key issue and return form needs to be completed with your associate dean or designee if you wish to have a classroom master key. The key is on loan for one semester only and must be inventoried and signed for each semester. You will receive a notice from your associate dean every semester, reminding you it is time to present your key(s) for inventory and initial and date the key issue and return form in order to retain your key(s). At the end of employment, the entire inventory of keys issued to an adjunct faculty member must be returned to the associate dean or designee.

If you find a room inadequate or inappropriate for your instructional needs, you may request a room change. We ask that you do not move into a seemingly empty room. All room change requests should be submitted through the room change request form.

Request a room change

The Early Alert Program is designed to assist students who may be experiencing academic or personal difficulties and provide strategies and campus resources to help them succeed. A key component of the Early Alert Program is to exhibit a team effort between faculty, administrative professionals and support staff to provide early intervention to students who may exhibit behaviors that may cause them to fail their courses.

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The Delta College Tutoring Center is committed to helping your students succeed. The Tutoring Center offers free one-on-one tutoring, in-person at our campuses or online by appointment. 

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The Delta College WRIT (Writing, Reading, Information Technology) Center assists students at any stage of the writing process. Students can make an appointment with WRIT Center consultants or submit their draft for an online review.

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Students struggling academically may also be struggling with mental health issues. To assist these students, Delta offers free and confidential counseling services. 

When considering referring a student to Delta’s counseling office, please note, except in the case of an emergency, the decision to seek counseling services rests solely with the student.

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Registering for classes can be confusing and overwhelming. At Delta, every student has a student success advisor assigned to help. Students can find their advisor in Experience.

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