Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) provides research services designed to aid decision making and planning at Delta College. 

Delta data for decisions

The resources below support the use of data on campus to make informed decisions.

Delta College Dashboard

Delta College houses key performance metrics on a dashboard for quick reference. Visit the dashboard at

To view Delta College's Tableau Dashboard, login to Experience. The Delta Dashboard (Tableau) is on the Employee Links card.

  • Inside Delta > Tools > Experience > Employee Links > Delta Dashboard (Tableau)

Data Cookbook

The Data Cookbook tool serves as the official repository of Delta College data definitions and available public reports. Requests for data reports are routed through the Data Cookbook system. It also houses a list of available reports. These reports are known as specifications in the Data Cookbook.

Login with your Delta College User ID and password at


SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) is the tool that Delta College has chosen to extract data from Colleague and odsDW and reports on day-to-day operational data-based questions. You may view reports that you have access to at Access to reports are restricted to reporting areas based on your role within the college to maintain FERPA compliance.


As a publicly funded institution, Delta College is committed to providing information including financial reports to the public. Information for compliance with Sec. 209 in P.A. 60 of 2013, the education omnibus budget bill, which specifies the requirements for community colleges, can be found by visiting the Delta College Transparency page

Need data?

Institutional Research provides data to support decisions across campus. Are you working on a project that would benefit from Delta data? Fill out the IR Data Request form.

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Dashboards help an organization get the pulse of metrics they consider important for the health of their organization. Delta has developed a base set of metrics we are currently watching, as well as investigating possible other metrics for the future, continually looking to fine tune processes and provide data and information to help drive decisions at the college.