Workshops & Training

Delta is committed to providing our faculty with resources and training programs that will assist them in their work planning and delivery robust, quality courses to our students.

Professional Development is available on demand through Innovative Educators and Linked In Learning.  Faculty also have access to Magna.

Upcoming Events

Recorded Events

Getting Organized for the New Semester
Recorded January 4, 2022

Faculty Connect Launch
Recorded February 4, 2022

Gamification Workshop
Recorded March 4, 2022

D2L Conference Recordings
Recorded April 1, 2022

Effective Test Construction
Recorded April 6, 2022

Yuja Training
Recorded May 4, 2022

Book circles (Winter 2022)


Meets once a month on Friday. Caste will continue through Winter semester. Please contact Christina Miller-Bellor for meeting information.

Grading for Equity

Grading for Equity will be offered by Janet Alexander. Please contact Janet for meeting information.

"This book has changed my life. I wish I would have read this when I first started teaching - but it wasn't around yet! I am going to change SO MUCH about my approach now. With all the equity work we are engaged in, as Feldman notes, if we aren't also considering grading, we cannot achieve the equity we seek. I have been doing so many things so wrong for so long, but also, what I thought was "sneaky" or maybe not "fair" in how I was working with students and grading is actually closer to providing equity. I was encouraged by that and now emboldened to make radical change for my students. The book is geared toward K-12 (he actually acknowledges that college teachers can/do provide greater equity in some of their practices and appropriately addresses misperceptions about the college learning experience), but all of it is easily applied to our setting." - Denise Hill

Joe Feldman challenges us by asking, "What do my grading practices say about who I am and what I believe?" How did we even learn to grade? What is the impact on students when grading practices and policies vary from instructor to instructor? How do grades influence student behavior? There are so many concepts to discuss and grapple with. But it is worth discussing, and it is great to learn among friends. Faculty, even very seasoned ones, who read the book in the fall report making significant and positive changes in their classes this semester.

We will purchase a copy for you and welcome you to monthly discussions. Adjuncts, participation in the discussions counts toward the stipend. We will look for a convenient evening time as well as a daytime discussion. Please fill out this interest survey to order your copy and/or provide recommendations of other life-changing books. 

Recovering Bandwidth

The FCTE and COS are excited to announce the Winter 2022 Collegewide Read, sponsored by the +One Initiative. The Winter 2022 college-wide read will be WLD keynote speaker Dr. Cia Verschelden's book Bandwidth Recovery: Helping Students Reclaim Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism, and Social Marginalization.

We are excited to learn along with participants from ALL College work groups. Complete this form to get your FREE text and to join the discussions!