The Endowed Teaching Chair Program

The Delta College Foundation established an Endowed Teaching Chair Program to promote academic quality, recognize excellence in the classroom and encourage faculty to continue to pursue activities that address current educational challenges with creativity, innovation and a sincere concern for facilitating student growth.

The Delta College Foundation originally established the Endowed Teaching Chair (ETC) Program in 1994. The Foundation funds a variety of projects across campus through the ETC process, which are intended to provide a margin of excellence.   

The dollars are provided through annual distributions from each separate endowed fund. Dollars can support a wide variety of activities and professional development, such as equipment, supplies, printing, purchasing books, teaching materials, registration fees, conference fees or travel costs to visit educational sites. It can also be utilized to provide stipends, at the discretion of the selection committee. 

The ETC selection process 

Each winter semester, faculty and/or staff members may submit a proposal for Endowed Teaching Chair funding consideration. Projects developed to address the changing landscape of College's Strategic Priorities, as it works to build the Delta of Tomorrow, may also be invited to submit for funding.

Applications will be due Friday, March 18, 2022, with decisions announced in May. Spending can then occur during the following fiscal year (July–June).

All applications must be submitted to the Foundation Office at, where they will be assembled for initial review by the FCTE Board. Then, a team consisting of the President, Vice President of Academics and the Coordinator/Co-Coordinators of the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence (FCTE) will review and make the final award determinations. Formal presentations will not be required as part of this procedure; however, applicants may be invited for an interview or informal presentation to obtain more information. Decisions will be announced no later than May 15 each year. 

The Endowed Teaching Chair amount will be $5,000 annually, given to the recipient(s) as either an addition to the person’s Professional Development Account (PDA) and/or to be paid directly to the recipient as a stipend. Applications or projects that span a two-year time period may be considered, which would then result in support of $5,000/year for a total of $10,000 for a project.

Application and general criteria

A written narrative should be submitted which addresses each of the following questions:  

    1. What specific College Strategic Focus Area, Initiative or Action Project will be addressed by the project or work? 
    2. How will this project improve instruction, a process or benefit students and/or the community. 
    3. What activities and outcomes are expected? 
    4. What is the estimated schedule for the project?  
    5. Are you requesting the funding for professional development activities or to be applied as a stipend? 
    6. Describe your personal overall contribution toward achievement of the College mission.
    7. Describe your prior commitment to professional development within your specialty area. 

Proposals should be no longer than three pages, plus a letter of support. Supporting materials may be attached, as needed. 

Evaluation and selection 

Applications will be evaluated on the following basis: 

    1. Are all of the General Application Criteria identified above addressed adequately? 
    2. Is there a description of how the project will meet one of the Additional Specific ETC criteria, outlined for one of the five ETC awards (i.e. Carlyon, DeVinney, etc.), which are described further below? 
    3. Does the application demonstrate an educational benefit to Delta College students, a process and/or the larger Delta community? 
    4. Is there a willingness to work with or share experiences and knowledge with other faculty and/or staff members? 
    5. Is there evidence that the professional activity/project is feasible as proposed? 

Additionally, during the final selection process, applications will be reviewed to determine any alignment with the College's Strategic Priorities, as it works to build the Delta of Tomorrow, through the three goals below:

    1. Ensure there are no equity gaps in student enrollment, retention, and completion for all students when compared to county demographics;
    2. Prepare us to build toward an innovative, flexible and sustainable college in the context of severely decreasing enrollments and financial concerns; or
    3. Enhance our ability to address the needs of our students and employees, allowing them to achieve their full and authentic selves.

Prior Endowed Teaching Chair winners are eligible to apply.  If to be given as a stipend, the funding may be divided over differing pay periods. A year-end evaluation is required for each project, which will be shared with the Delta College Foundation Board of Directors. For projects spanning a two year time period, a mid-year progress update will be required. 

Most recent recipients

First award in 1994 , the Carlyon Endowed Chair honors President Emeritus Don Carlyon, his wife Betty, and their many years of innovation and service to the Delta community. The Carlyon Endowed Teaching Chair encourages faculty to pursue a professional activity/project and related follow-up which may include the development of new academic modules, infusion activities or service learning opportunities. Eligibility: All Delta College faculty who have taught full-time for the College for at least three years.

Most recent recipient: 

Steven Gormley, Instructor of Computer Aided Design, for his project Developing Online Modules for the Organic Chemistry Curriculum (2021)

First awarded in 2006, the SunGard Higher Education Endowed Teaching Chair has been established by the Florida-based company that specializes in providing information technology services to colleges and universities nationwide. This Chair supports and rewards innovations that foster excellence in student learning, and have a direct impact on student learning. Projects should foster an integrated perspective on student learning through cooperation of more than one department, discipline, or division. Eligibility: Full-time faculty members, or adjunct faculty members or staff members (if in collaborative partnership with a full-time faculty member).

Most recent recipient:

Diane Lobsiger-Braden, Associate Professor of Engineering, for her project Girls Day Out  (2020)

Robert DeVinney, longtime Professor of Mathematics at Delta, is memorialized through the endowment that bears his name. First awarded in 2004, the DeVinney Endowed Chair honors his commitment to innovation in using technology in classroom teaching. Proposals focus on the innovative use or study of technology in the classroom or other learning environment. Eligibility: All Delta College full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, or full-time and regular part-time staff whose work directly impacts student learning.

Most recent recipients:

Aurelian Balan, Associate Professor of Physics, for his project Developing New Astronomy Teaching Materials to support Open Source textbooks (2021)

Karen MacArthur, who retired as Executive Director of the Delta College Foundation and Delta's Executive Director of Institutional Advancement in 2007, is honored through this endowment that bears her name. First awarded in 2011, the MacArthur Endowed Teaching Chair is restricted for projects focused on the following subject areas: art, languages, music, literature, psychology or history. Proposals should set forth primary values exemplified by Karen MacArthur during her tenure at Delta College: creativity and innovation.

Most recent recipients:

Christine Yaroch, Associate Professor of Foreign Languages; Connie Sitter, Adjunct Instructor of Spanish; and Laurence Lacreuse, Adjunct Instructor of French; for their project Aligning Spanish and French Curriculum with Best Practices in Online and Face-to-Face Learning (2021)

The Robert R. “Dr. Bob” Zimmermann Endowed Teaching Chair was established to provide professional development opportunities for faculty members. Dr. Bob Dr. Bob joyfully worked at Delta College from 1980 until his retirement in 1995, directing the program for parents of children with disabilities, assistant directing assessment services, and serving as Assistant Professor of Psychology from 1989 until 1995. Dr. Bob found teaching at Delta rewarding because his efforts resulted in both immediate and long-lasting gains for his students. In addition, he felt a deep affiliation with many of the Delta College faculty. He often said that he’d found his professional home at Delta College and greatly appreciated the opportunity to join the Delta community. Proposals must demonstrate the primary values exemplified by Dr. Bob during his tenure at Delta College, including his belief all students should be treated equitably, with an equal opportunity to learn.

Most recent recipient:

Pete Carlson, Professor of Mathematics, for his project Teaching Mathematics in a blended, hybrid or online environment (2021)