The Delta College Bookstore has the most up-to-date list of all books needed for classes, including both new and used textbooks and coursepacks.  

Textbooks and coursepacks

Faculty should submit their textbook requisitions and course packs to the Bookstore, based on the forms and deadlines that will be provided to them for each semester. The bookstore will order textbooks and notify faculty of any issues with the order, whether internally or with the publisher. The bookstore is also responsible for getting coursepacks printed and on the shelf for students.  Because these materials are so important to the learning process and success of students, it's imperative that the information is provided to the bookstore by the dates requested.

Desk copies

Faculty desk copies will be ordered by the faculty member directly from the publishers. Each discipline should make arrangements for their adjunct faculty textbook needs. Exceptions should be discussed with the appropriate associate dean.

In emergency situations, faculty textbooks may be purchased in the Bookstore and charged to a cost center with associate dean approval. It is the responsibility of the faculty and/or division office to then request a student edition desk copy from the publisher, with the written approval of their Associate Dean. The Bookstore will process a credit to the cost center if a student edition, same edition book is delivered to the Bookstore within 30 days of the beginning of the semester.

Special book orders

The Bookstore can order any book listed in Books in Print.  Most books are included. If there is a book you want, please contact the Bookstore with the author, title, publisher and ISBN. The cost of shipping will be added to your order. You will be notified within two business days if this is a book that the Bookstore can acquire for you.