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STEM Outreach

With about 40% of the region’s economy driven by two STEM intensive industries – manufacturing and healthcare  – Delta College understands the need to strengthen science, technology, engineering and math skills, especially with area youth.

That's why we've consolidated all our STEM outreach activities under one umbrella, the STEM Talent Institute. Long before students enroll for their first college classes, Delta is in the community working to ensure that all kids have the opportunity to learn something new, to expand their vision of what's possible, to think big!

How are we doing that? To sum it up in one sentence: we're putting the fun back into science, technology, engineering and math!


The Delta College STEM Talent Institute serves our Great Lakes Bay Region as a catalyst for educational change and novel solutions to STEM-related educational and employment issues.  By working collaboratively with leaders from K-12, higher education, non-profits, communities and businesses, pathways will be created for exciting and rewarding STEM careers.

STEM Explorer parked in front of Delta Main Campus
CNC Student
STEM Fest Kids

Delta nurtures the love for learning: whether it's with experiments on the STEM Explorer, or with amazing activities at the Dow Great Lakes Bay STEM Festival and the annual Science Olympiad.

STEM Initiatives

Thanks to a $4 million grant from the Herbert H. and Grace A Dow Foundation, we're driving around a 38-foot hands-on lab to area middle and high schools and youth events. It's called the STEM Explorer.

Each fall we host the Dow Great Lakes Bay STEM Festival, designed for middle school students to get their hands on science. It's fun for all ages and attracts 7,000 attendees annually. This two-day interactive event is possible through a partnership with Michigan Technical University's Mind Trekkers and with support of many local businesses.

Math and Science Manufacturing Experience brings modern manufacturing businesses and educators together in an exciting internship program. Teachers learn through hands-on experience what it means to work in manufacturing and then bring activities back to the classroom to prepare students for 21st century jobs.

Kids have the opportunity to show off their math prowess at the Middle School Math Competition.

Science Olympiad promotes hands-on, problem solving, and skill-building activities for students in grades six through 12.

Dr. Jean Goodnow

"We utilize a full and comprehensive approach to education, with faculty working as a team to bring expertise to the STEM initiative."

Dr. Jean Goodnow
Delta College President