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Less “Gore,” More Problem-Solving

Julian Winchell became interested in the pharmacy field when he took his first organic chemistry class at Delta.

“It really excited me how many variables there are with chemistry and how many solutions there are for every problem,” he says.

Julian working in one of Delta's lounges.

“If I had one word to describe Delta it definitely would be 'grateful.' They have a high quality education for an affordable cost. That’s probably helped me expand on my future more than anything. “

His mother works in the medical field, working with tissue donations and similar “gory” things, according to Julian. “That’s just not something I’m about,” he says. “I really like the chemistry aspect instead.” 

Julian also relishes the challenge.

“I’m a fast learner but that class was the first class that actually kind of kicked my butt,” he says. “I had to spend some decent amount of time at first.” 

By the time Julian completed his second organics class, it “kind of just clicked,” and he was sold. He joined the pre-pharm club and soon he was hired for a part-time pharmacy tech job.

“My first time working there, I was like, ‘Wow, this is actually something I’d like to do for the rest of my life,’” he says. “I talk about the chemistry with my pharmacist all the time. Each medication has its own individual structure. They all have their own classes.”

Building a solid foundation

After three years at Delta, Julian is transferring to Ferris State University as part of its transfer agreement with Delta, which allows students to complete the prerequisites of Ferris’s pharmacy doctoral program at Delta. He’s pleased that he is leaving Delta with no debt, but he also feels like his years at Delta provided him a very good foundation to build on.

“I joined the pre-pharm club and through my connections, I got my first pharmacy tech job. My first time working there I was like, ‘Wow, this is actually something I’d like to do for the rest of my life.’”

Julian Winchell
Delta College pre-pharmacy student
Transferring to Ferris State University
Future pharmacist

“I definitely feel more prepared to go to Ferris than I ever did before,” he says. “With the one-on-one time with the professors and the smaller classrooms, I feel like I definitely learned a lot. Delta was a nice stepping stone.” 

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