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Meet Delta's Big Thinkers

There's a story behind every big thinker.

Every student that walks through Delta's doors has a unique path that brought them here. Check out some of the stories behind our big thinkers and how Delta has helped them along the way. 

Cecilia Olvera
Looking to fulfill a desire to help people, Cecilia came to Delta to pursue a degree in criminal justice and found so much more.

See Cecilia's story.

Brandon Brackett
After two unsuccessful starts, Brandon is finding Delta to be the perfect place to work on his game and his career.

See Brandon's story.

McKenna Fluder
McKenna found that at Delta she was able to balance pursuing a nursing degree with her love for playing soccer.

See McKenna's story.

Emily Gold
When Emily's schedule wasn’t full her senior year of high school, she dual enrolled at Delta. Now she is one step closer to her future career.

See Emily's story.

Anthony Niemiec
Anthony’s love of kids, coaching and community is leading him toward a career in teaching.

See Anthony's story.

Josie Norris
Josie came to Delta unsure of her future. But, after landing a job with the student newspaper she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

See Josie's story.

Adam VanSickleAdam didn’t always see construction in his future. After serving our country he decided to follow another dream.

See Adam's story.

Abby Frisbie Delta’s online business management degree is helping working mom, Abby, take the next step in her career.

See Abby's story.

Connie French A student who changed her field of study a couple of times, Connie discovered her passion at Delta, along with a community that helped her succeed.

See Connie's story.

Casaundra PerryCasaundra took her experience and passion in a new direction as a Physical Therapist Assistant. 

See Casaundra's story.

Kimberly WahlAlready equipped with an impressive educational resume, Kimberly returned to school and chose Delta to help her learn new skills and open new opportunities.

See Kim's story.

Meagan LepienInspired by her children and love of HGTV, Meagan decided it was time to ditch her restaurant career and build a new one in construction.

See Meagan's story.

Thomas Holubik

Thomas has a passion for the mechanical world and a desire to learn new employability skills.
See Thomas's story.

Sandi BrabawSandi discovered a hidden passion as she returned to Delta to learn how to build websites for her business.

See Sandi's story.

Robert LoganWith a bachelor’s degree from MSU in hand, Robert returned to school for his job and learned the advantages of going to a community college.

See Robert's story.

James Lannin

It took a few years, but after attending Delta as a dual-enrolled student his senior year of high school, James returned to discover his future career in pharmacy.
See James's story.

Joseph Breen

Joseph took a break after high school. Working as a pipefitter, he discovered his ability for drafting and designing. He is now at Delta studying mechanical engineering.
See Joseph's story.

Reanna Hecht

ReAnna grew up in the Thumb, surrounded by livestock and miles of crop fields. ReAnna’s plan for the future is to manage her own dairy farm.
See ReAnna's story.

Sam Rechsteiner

While originally planning to go to art school, that all changed for Sam when he took a calculus class in his senior year of high school.
See Sam's story.

Hanna Gates

Inspired by her mom’s struggles with respiratory illnesses, Hanna is at Delta studying respiratory care and wanting to make a difference.
See Hanna's story.

Aleisha Jones

Aleisha’s mother is a nurse, so she thought she’d be one too. But then she realized that teaching was another way of helping people.
See Aleisha's story.

Logan Searfoss

Growing up around a family-owned machining business gave Logan a passion for design and manufacturing. At Delta, he’s gaining high-tech skills he can use back at the shop.
See Logan's story.

Jessica Sierocki

Jessica used an opportunity with Delta’s student-run newspaper to become more outgoing. It’s preparing her to work in the service-oriented field of hospitality management.
See Jessica's story.

Jessica Sherwood

Jessica thinks everyone should enjoy going to the dentist – just like she does. Training as a dental assistant, she’s getting the skills she needs to give people great experiences.
See Jessica's story.

Julian Winchell

Julian was thinking about a career in the medical field, but didn’t like the “gory” stuff. His love of chemistry and problem-solving has focused him on the pharmacy field.
See Julian's story.

Clinton Keene

Clinton has used on-campus opportunities to become more outgoing and succeed in his criminal justice program. He’s also built his skills in the Army National Guard.
See Clinton's story.

Jessica Fehrman

Jessica came to Delta College thinking it was just a stepping stone to a stable career. But she discovered so much more.
See Jessica's story.

Justine Braeutigam

Justine bounced back after struggling in her first nursing program and found the perfect fit at Delta College.
See Justine's story.

Dustin Robinson

A tennis-teaching pro after high school, Dustin decided he wanted to “serve” in a different way. He came to Delta to start a career in criminal justice. 
See Dustin's story.

Patty Muehlenbeck

Patty decided it was time for a career change. She’s now a recent Delta graduate and working as a surgical technologist.
See Patty's story.

Heather Radick

After years in an office setting, Heather boldly set out to do what made her happy. She’s now at Delta, training to be an electrician. 
See Heather's story.

Estefan CervantesWhen Estefan built a computer for gaming, he didn’t realize it would lead to a career battling real-life villains – criminal hackers and identity thieves.

See Estefan's story.


Nathan Keech

With a passion for working on automobiles, Nathan found the perfect opportunity – Delta’s GM Automotive Service Education Program.
See Nathan's story.


Meet more Big Thinkers

Jacquelyn Baker

Jacquelyn didn’t start college with a career in mind. At Delta, she found her calling and got the support she needed to pursue a job in communications.
Watch Jacquelyn's video.

Richard Barron

After being discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps, Richard became a better student with Delta’s help and is on track to the career he wants.
Watch Richard's video.

Caleb Stringer

With a lifelong interest in how things work, Caleb knew engineering was for him. Advanced labs and scholarship support made Delta College the perfect place to start.
Watch Caleb's video.

Taygen West

At Delta, Taygen could continue playing the sport she loved while getting the complete college experience she was looking for.
Watch Taygen's video.

Kenyita Witherspoon

A working mother, Delta’s flexibility gave Kenyita the options she needed to fit school into her busy life.
Watch Kenyita's video.

Melissa Adams

A working mother of two, Melissa found the flexibility and support she needed to get her degree and land two jobs in respiratory care.
Watch Melissa's video.

Kari Clewley

Wanting to “shift gears” at her company, Kari got the added education she wanted at Delta without disrupting her work and family schedule.
Watch Kari's video.

Steven Davis

Steven thought he was stuck in the career he’d already started. Through Delta, he’s seen the doors open and is pursuing a medical degree.
Watch Steven's video.

Adelina Gutierrez

Adelina was worried to start college, but Delta supported and motivated her to start her college education.
Watch Adelina's video.

Graduation Cap

1,724 students earned a degree or certificate in the 2016-2017 academic year

94 percent

94% of Delta College students said they would recommend Delta to a friend.

one in four

1 in 4 area high school students chose Delta last year.